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New Year’s Resolution

31 Dec

Tomorrow is the start of the year 2011. Another year, another lists of resolutions to make and break. Hahaha. 😀 Funny isn’t it that most people make New Year’s Resolution but they always fail to do those things? In my 19 years of existence, I’ve never made a list of my own New Year’s Resolution. I’m afraid that I might not accomplish those things. It will just break my heart. I hate promises that are made to be broken, and New Year’s resolution is one of those promises.

This year I’m planning to have my own. I don’t know what comes to my mind. Maybe just for a change. I don’t know if I’m going to fulfill those but argg…. I’ll try my best. No. I’ll do my best. So here’s the list of my so called “ANNE’s NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTION.”

>I’ll lessen my intake of alcohol.
>I’ll smoke occasionally.
>I’ll eat more greens and fruits.
>I’ll exercise 3 – 4 times a week.
>I’ll be a wise-spender. I will not buy things which are not important.
>I’ll be an early bird. I’ll always wake up late.
>I’ll stop partying. God!!! I can’t do this. Erase. Erase. I’ll party only when I don’t have any errands to do.
>I’ll try to be more mature. (I can’t believe that I’m going to finish college at the age of 19).
>I’ll be responsible enough now. (This is the time to be really INDEPENDENT. )
>I’ll make my mom proud.
>I’ll be STRONG enough to face the challenges ahead.

……That’s my resolution for 2011. But wait, is that the right way of making a New Year’s Resolution? I really don’t know. Hahaha. 😀

Now, let’s see what are your New Year’s Resolution for the year 2011.

Happy New Year Guys.


Most Boring Blog Ever

30 Dec

I’ve been staring at my laptop for an hour now. I don’t know what to do. No one is online. I try to phone my friends but they are already asleep. I read Twilight again but it makes me sleepy. Duh?? It’s already 3 o’clock in the morning.

So I tell myself, “You should write.” But then, I don’t know how to start. I can’t think of any topic to write. I try to write about being insecure but I can’t form any sentence about it. So instead, I write about what’s going on mind. And that is NOTHING. Arggg. You might think that this is the most boring blog you’ve ever read. (Feel free to comment if you find this blog to be BOOORING.) Sorry guys. But I can’t think of anything else. My brain cells are not working. My mind is totally blank right now.

Maybe I’ll right something interesting this morning. Something readers will enjoy reading.

I entitled this blog, “Thinking of Nothing” but I am going to change it to “Most Boring Blog Ever”.



30 Dec

Anorexia is an eating disorder in which a person doesn’t want to eat because of fear of getting fat.

You may think that I’m anorexic now. Definitely, NO! A big NO! Well, to be honest I’m fat. Not really. They say I’m chubby but hell, I weigh almost 165 pounds. Now tell me, am I fat or chubby? I’m not a fat kid before. I don’t know what happened to me but as years passed by, I’m become heavier and heavier. I get jealous to people who eat and eat and eat but remain sexy and thin. I want to be one of them. But I looove eating.

There comes a time in my life when I became anorexic. For two months, I ate half rice a day. I don’t want to eat anything. My friend named Patrick* once asked me why I always ate half rice a day everyday. He even told me it’s not healthy and I need to eat more than that. I didn’t listen to him. I wanted to tell him that I’m only doing this because I want to get thin so that he will like me. After two months, I got stomach ache everyday. I feel like I’m going to die because it hurts so much. My skin became dry. I had hair falls. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. That’s the time I asked myself, “Hey Anne!!! What did you do to yourself?”.

I started eating again. From one rice a day until three rice a day. After one year, I gained so much weight. I want to be anorexic again but I’m afraid of the possible consequences that had happened to me before.

I’m fat and I want to be thin again. But I promise myself, I will not starve myself to death.



29 Dec

My friends are all talking about this TV series entitled Skins. They say that this one is quite good. Every teenager can relate to it or so they say. Well, to be honest, I can’t relate because I haven’t watched a single episode of it. Hahaha. 😀 I’ve been hearing names such as Tony, Emily, Michelle, Effy, Cassie. I feel like I’m such a fool. At that time, I’m too addicted to Smallville that’s why I don’t have time to watch other TV series. Hahaha.

So now, after one sem, I’ve found out that my cousin have a DVD of Skins. So I asked her if I can borrow it. And she said yes.

Now, I’m currently watching it. Hahaha. 😀 I’m still on the first episode and hell yeah, I like it!!! It’s so funny. What they say about the show is really true. I will list the reasons why I can relate to the show.

1. I drink
2. I smoke
3. I party
4. I love being with my friends
5. I’m rebellious
6. I also have problems with this f*ckin’ life.

I’m going to write the other reasons after I finish watching the first season.

Well, this show is not quite good, it’s F*CKING good.

We’re not just FRIENDS, We are SISTERS

28 Dec

This is a story about a two girls and their friendship.

So here it goes. Well, the two persons involved here are Anne Valdez (yeah that’s me) and Anne Garcia. Oh yeah, we have the same second name. 🙂 So we’ve been classmates for almost one year and 5 months. We’re not really close at first. We’re just ordinary classmates. So it started last March 2010. We were going to Christina Villas Resort in Rizal. She shared a secret with me. At first she was hesitant because the secret she was about to tell is about my groupmate. Well, it’s not really a secret. She’s mad with my groupmate. Sorry but I’m not going to tell my groupmate’s name and why she’s mad at her. After she shared her feelings about my groupmate with me, we started hanging -out. She’s always staying at my pad. We’re just fooling around, laughing and talking everything and anything under the sun. So days passed, I told her also my secret. I told her that I like “LUCKY”. Yeah Lucky, the one who took care of me when I was drunk. At that time, Lucky WAS (take note of the word was) involved with one of our friends. Let’s just say that they were an item. I don’t know why I told Anne about him. I just felt that Anne is someone who can be trusted with everything.

Time passed, we became so close. We shared everything and anything. We watched movies, and everything. Did I mention that she’s the first one to taste the food I cook??? Yeah. That’s why one of our friends told me, “Ang tagal na nating magkaibigan pero kahit minsan di mo ako napagluto. Buti pa si Anne natikman na luto mo. Madaya ka!”. Funny, isn’t it? Some of my friends got jealous ’cause of her.

We used to call each other “MAHAL”. Oh not because we’re lesbians. We just love each other as friends.

After a couple of months, the bond that we have got stronger. Well, the primary reason is we’re both addicted to books. So we became more inseparable ’cause we always went to the mall to buy books. We always talked about books. We also loved to eat. We used to go to a restaurant named Orchard Road.. At that time, we started calling each other “SISTERETTE” and then “KAPATID”. That’s how we really felt for each other. As if we’re long lost sisters.

So, she’s the first one to went to our house in Bataan. We even decorated our Christmas tree when she went there.

Some of our friends didn’t understand why we’re so close. Some tried to get in between us. And now, it’s happening. Some people tried to get her away from me. The tight ropes that we made are now starting to loosen. I never knew that this thing will happen between us. I’ve always wanted to talk to her but she’s been too busy. I want to share my secrets, problems and happy moments with her but as if she doesn’t want to listen. I really don’t know what’s happening. It hurts so bad. I felt like I was left alone by my own sister.

I want things to be back to normal. Even though not so good things are happening between us, I still believe in our friendship. I know that WE’RE NOT JUST FRIENDS, WE ARE SISTERS.

Not by the blood that running through our veins but by HEART.

The Magic of CARING

28 Dec

One of the best feelings in the world is when you know someone is taking care of you.

I’ve always take care of people. As a nursing student, I make sure that I gave the best possible care to my patients. As a friend, I’m always there whenever they need me. As a family member, I cook for my relatives, and help them. I’m not asking for return. But sometimes, I asked myself “Why am I always taking care of everyone around me? How about me? Who wants to take care of me?

So, I’m kinda emotional. I don’t think someone wants to take care of me.

So I’ve tried to remember who are the people who take care of me when I needed care the most. Well, guess what… there are only three of them.

So we start from the eldest person. She’s my aunt. I call her Nanay Tessie. I live with her for almost 7 years. She’s the one who takes care of me when I am sick. She cooks me food, washes and irons my clothes. She’s like a real mother to me. She’s always there for me. Until now that I’m in college and far away from her, I still miss her. I’m longing for her. Whenever I am sick, I want her to be by my side. She can’t give me material things and money but she gives the most important thing a mother can give to her child, and that is LOVE.

The second one is my apartmate(that’s how we called ourselves in our apartment). Her name is Ruth. She’s a nursing graduate. The setting is in my room, 2 years ago. I’m having a bad fever. It’s so high that I am shivering and I am having chills. I have six apartmates at that time but she’s the only who take notice of me. She buy food and medicine for me. She stays with me the whole night and checks my temperature. I never have the chance to say thank you to her. But now, I want to say THANK YOU very very much Ate Ruth.

So the last one is… tan tanan tanan……. toooooooootttttttt…..

isssssssss my crush. :))) HAHAHA. Honestly, he’s my crush. I will not tell his name. Okay, let’s call him Lucky. I know I’m going to mention him again on my next entries. So the date is December 17-18, 2010. Around 11pm-3pm. I am drunk. As in drunk. So I fall asleep on the table. And then suddenly, I said, “Nasusuka ako” and went straight to the comfort room. Lucky immediately followed me. Sweet right. So he’s right beside the whole time I was vomiting. Gross, right??? But he didn’t care. He’s massaging my back and constantly asking if I’m okay. He made coffee for asked my classmates if they have spare shirt because I vomited on my blouse. He gave pillow and massaged my hand until I fall asleep. He’s the sweetest man alive. 🙂 He even slept beside me.

Well, I will never forget their sweet gestures. They are the only persons in my life who made me fell extra special. I don’t know if they did those things because they really want to take care of me or they pity me. I don’t care, at least I know, that there are still persons who will take care for me when I needed special care. 🙂


27 Dec

It’s exactly 2:14 in the morning (Philippine time), December 28, 2010. I’m still wide awake. I’m downloading songs for my cousins iPod and also for my Nokia 5530 phone. My cousin and I both love watching Glee, an American series starring Leah Michelle. We both love how they remake the songs and how they dance and perform those songs. As of now, I’ve already downloaded 5 songs and I still have countless songs on my list. Oh please, pray for me that I’ll finish downloading all of their songs at exactly 5am so I can finally go to my bed and have a good morning sleep. Hahaha. :))

First Blog

27 Dec

So this is my first entry. It was a very long time ago since I had my last blog entry. I stopped writing because I’m kinda busy with my studies and duties. I have a couple of blogsites but I’ve already forgotten to update those. So, I started a new blog. Why?I’ll enumerate my reasons:

1. I saw my friend that she had a blogsite

2. I miss blogging

3. I want to express myself through writing

4. I feel like no one will listen to me if I told them my stories so I’m going to right them instead

5. Blogging makes me feel alive.

So those are some of the reasons why I blog again. So that’s it.

I’ll write again later or tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. Hahaha.

‘Till next time. 😉