The Magic of CARING

28 Dec

One of the best feelings in the world is when you know someone is taking care of you.

I’ve always take care of people. As a nursing student, I make sure that I gave the best possible care to my patients. As a friend, I’m always there whenever they need me. As a family member, I cook for my relatives, and help them. I’m not asking for return. But sometimes, I asked myself “Why am I always taking care of everyone around me? How about me? Who wants to take care of me?

So, I’m kinda emotional. I don’t think someone wants to take care of me.

So I’ve tried to remember who are the people who take care of me when I needed care the most. Well, guess what… there are only three of them.

So we start from the eldest person. She’s my aunt. I call her Nanay Tessie. I live with her for almost 7 years. She’s the one who takes care of me when I am sick. She cooks me food, washes and irons my clothes. She’s like a real mother to me. She’s always there for me. Until now that I’m in college and far away from her, I still miss her. I’m longing for her. Whenever I am sick, I want her to be by my side. She can’t give me material things and money but she gives the most important thing a mother can give to her child, and that is LOVE.

The second one is my apartmate(that’s how we called ourselves in our apartment). Her name is Ruth. She’s a nursing graduate. The setting is in my room, 2 years ago. I’m having a bad fever. It’s so high that I am shivering and I am having chills. I have six apartmates at that time but she’s the only who take notice of me. She buy food and medicine for me. She stays with me the whole night and checks my temperature. I never have the chance to say thank you to her. But now, I want to say THANK YOU very very much Ate Ruth.

So the last one is… tan tanan tanan……. toooooooootttttttt…..

isssssssss my crush. :))) HAHAHA. Honestly, he’s my crush. I will not tell his name. Okay, let’s call him Lucky. I know I’m going to mention him again on my next entries. So the date is December 17-18, 2010. Around 11pm-3pm. I am drunk. As in drunk. So I fall asleep on the table. And then suddenly, I said, “Nasusuka ako” and went straight to the comfort room. Lucky immediately followed me. Sweet right. So he’s right beside the whole time I was vomiting. Gross, right??? But he didn’t care. He’s massaging my back and constantly asking if I’m okay. He made coffee for asked my classmates if they have spare shirt because I vomited on my blouse. He gave pillow and massaged my hand until I fall asleep. He’s the sweetest man alive. 🙂 He even slept beside me.

Well, I will never forget their sweet gestures. They are the only persons in my life who made me fell extra special. I don’t know if they did those things because they really want to take care of me or they pity me. I don’t care, at least I know, that there are still persons who will take care for me when I needed special care. 🙂


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