Last Chance

3 Jan

This is my first blog for the year 2011. And yet it is one sad story.

Today is my first day of class after the Christmas vacation. I’m so excited to see my classmates again. Most especially, Anne Garcia (read my post, WE’RE NOT JUST FRIENDS, WE’RE SISTERS. So today, we’re only going to have our classroom team building and our unit exam. We’re all expecting that we will be dismissed early. So, I asked Anne if she wants to go out with me so we can have our UBE moments again(NOTE: UBE means Ultimate Bonding Experience). She said yes so I was expecting that she would come with me.

But after our class, I asked her again and then she said, she’s going to eat with our other classmates and their going to what they called RK. I don’t know where’s that place.

Of course, I was speechless. For the nth time around, she forget that she have a friend named ANNE VALDEZ. It hurts so much that one of your best friends has already abandoned you because of someone else. And also the primary reason I want to be with her today is that I want to talk to her about our FRIENDSHIP. I want to know what’s the reason behind all of these.

Maybe she have already forgotten all our memories together. She have forgotten that I’m her friend. And maybe, I should forget her too. 😦


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