Our First Bonding for 2011

4 Jan

January 2, 2011. It all started when I phoned my friend Darren.

Me: Already in Metro Manila?
Darren: Not yet. Why?
Me: I want to see you. Let’s go out.
Darren: Where do you want to go?
Me: Tiendesitas?
Darren: Sure. Let’s meet at 6:30 pm.

At 6:30….
Me: Where are you??? I’m already here. (SM Megamall)
Me: Please txtback. I’ve been here for almost an hour.

I called her.
Operator: The number you have dialed is out of coverage area.

I started to worry where in the world she is.
I called her again but still no response. So I went to Red Mango and ate Frozen Yogurt and Banana Almond Waffles to divert my attention.

Beep. At last, she replied.
Darren: Sorry. Empty battery. Let’s meet at Pasig Rotonda then we will ride a cab going to Tiendesitas.

So we met at Pasig Rotonda.

Darren: Are you mad at me? Sorry.
Me: Nope. I’m worried about you. I thought you lost your phone again.
Darren: Oh. That is so sweet of you.

So we went to Tiendesitas. We window-shopped, talked and ate there. I tried a few dresses and shoes but didn’t buy it. Hahaha. πŸ˜€ We also went to a couple of pet shops there to find a new cage for my hamster. I found a cute one but it’s pink. My pet is a male hamster. So we wandered again and spotted two cuties. Hahaha.

We decided to walk outside Tiendesitas. Darren and I were chatting and laughing while we were walking.

Me: I want to smoke.
Darren: C’mon let’s buy.

So we bought a half pack a Marlboro Black. And I smoked one stick while we were walking.

Darren: Let’s walk from here to our apartment.
Me: Why not?
Darren: Are you sure.
Me: Yep.

So we walked and laughed and talked. I can’t remember the last time we went out together. We looked like a fool because it ‘s already late at night and we’re girls. But who cares??? Call us crazy. We were singing love songs. we’re both hopeless romantic.

Darren: Hey, we’re near to John’s house. (THE LOVE OF HER LIFE. Hahaha.)
Me: Yeah. I know. I’m going to text him when we’re already in front their house.
Darren: I know what will be his reply.
Me: What?
Darren: It’s either “Huh?” or “Weh?”
Me: Hahaha. I think so.

In front of John’s house.
Me: Hey John!!!! I’m in front of your house!!! Hahaha.
John: Huh??? (So Darren’s right)
Me: Promise. It’s not joke. Go downstairs and you’re going to find me here.

Darren took a picture of me in front of his house. And then we started walking again.

Then John phoned me.
John: I’m already here. Where are you?
Me: Wait for me there. I will be back.

So I went back to his house. Darren didn’t want to go with me cause she didn’t want him to see her. She asked me to lie to him.

John: So what are you going in here?
Me: I have my community here. Hahaha.:))
John: At this time.? And look at your clothes. It doesn’t look like your having your community here. Hahaha. πŸ˜€
Me: Hahaha. It is supposed to be a joke.
John: Yeah I know. Seiously? Why are you here?
Me: I accompanied my cousin on her friend’s house. And then I remember you’re just a block away so I went here.
John: Oh…
Me: Yeah. I have to go. She’s waiting for me.
John: Ok. You take care. It’s already late.
Me: Sure. Thanks.

So I went to Darren and she asked me what did he say. And then we walked again. After more than one hour of walking, my feet were aching and Darren’s having dyspnea(difficulty of breathing). We rode a cab to their apartment and laughed again because WE ARE CRAZY for walking more than an hour.

We really missed each other and to tell you the truth, we had so much fun.

We’re looking forward on our next WALKATHON again together with our other friends. Hahaha.

And I know, one day you’re going to read this. You’re the only who knows my blog site. I love you so much Darren. :))


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