The Perks of Being A Wallflower

4 Jan

My friend named Fifi told me about this book. She’s been searching for this book for almost 2 months. She couldn’t find any copy because it’s always sold out. I also tried to find a copy of this book so I could give it to her. She really wanted to have this book.

So yesterday, I told her if she already have this book. She said NO. So without any hesitation I went to Mall of Asia. I went to every bookstore but still the book’s sold out. One of the bookstores finally told me that they made reservations. So I made my reservation. After that, Fifi phoned me that she already have one. Someone gave her that. And then, while I was talking to her, one of the bookstore’s staff called me. Guess what??? They found a copy of this book. One of their costumers canceled the reservation. They asked me if I want to buy the book. I said yes though Fifi had her own now. I bought one for myself.

This is the second book I bought this year. But this is going to be the first book I’m going to read for the year 2011.

I am happy to have this book. Maybe this book is really FOR ME 🙂


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