Can You Keep A Secret?

25 Jan

I just finished reading Sophie Kinsela’s Can You Keep A Secret last week. It’s kinda funny and I like the story. It reminds me of my secrets I don’t want others to know. Secrets I’d rather keep to myself than tell anyone. I have a lot of secrets. Secrets that I know others can’t keep to theirselves. I’m not saying I don’t trust people because that’s not true. I trust people easily but when it comes to secrets, i just don’t feel like telling it to others. That’s why my friend, Patrick*, told me I was a deep person.

I am not going to tell my secrets here. Cause you’re just going to laugh at me or pity me. I’m going to tell here one big secret that makes me proud of myself. I mean, just like Emma(the narrator of the book), a stranger told me her secret. She’s not really a stranger, but she’s my professor way back in high school. She told me a secret that only her close friends and family know. I, a stranger to her, know something that can change her life if I told it someone else. But that’s not me, I’m not going to tell it to anyone. I’ll tell her secret in here but I will not tell who she is, where she lives and any other details about her.

She told me something about her family. She couldn’t bear a child because her husband is infertile. They decided to adopt a child because they really wanted to have one. The big secret in here? Her son doesn’t know that he’s adopted.

So that’s it. That’s her secret. I don’t know why she told me about that. but it makes me proud that someone like her trsuts me. She told a secret of her family and like I said, can change their lives.

I’m good in keeping other people’s secret. I know a lot of secrets of my friends, family, etc. but this secret is someone that makes me feel I am worth trusting. šŸ™‚


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