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Counting Down The Days

28 Mar

Our last month together. This blog is a compilation of pictures of me and my BSN123 family. I’m gonna miss them.

with Christian and John. We’ve been classmates for 7 semesters. I love these two guys so much. ❤

Group 89 with our favorite Nursing Audit proctor, Sir Jasfer! He’s not photogenic but he’s actually a cutie. Almost every girl in our institute has a crush on him. Hahaha. 😀

BSN123 at Angel’s Hills Retreat House. We don’t like the speakers of the retreat but we all love the idea that WE’RE TOGETHER: this’s a first in our class history!

with my seatmate Frances. We’ve been seatmates since our friend, Itosino, dropped out. I love this girl so much. And we love Itosino too.

One last picture with Lucky. Hahaha. FYI, he WAS my crush way back 2010. Hahaha. 😀

We called it “EPIC NIGHT”. This is our class celebration for this coming graduation. YEHEY! It’s just so sad that most of my classmates were not able to come. 😦 But we really enjoyed this day/night! P.S. Do you like our shirt?

Before LUCKY there was JAESON. He’s Jaeson. He’s my first crush in our classroom.

Marie. Marie. Marie. She’s my best friend in our classroom. I miss her and I love her soooo much. *big hug*

the LAST but not the LEAST. My favorite group in BSN123. GROUP 89! I will surely miss them especially we have so much UBE moments this last few weeks. We always have our “HULING KAIN” *last meal) that’s why we’re all FAT now. We always eat as if there’s no tomorrow. Although some say that our group doesn’t exist because of my quiet groupmates, I don’t care! I still love them. For me, there is no such group as 89A or 89B, just 89!

Counting down the days ’til graduation makes me happy and sad. Happy to finally finished college. Sad because me and my classmates need to part ways. The feeling is bittersweet. 😦

Well, whatever happens to us, I believe we will be all successful.
Instead of saying GOOD BYE to them, I’m going to say SEE YOU SOON!

This is not the END, it is only the START of a NEW BEGINNING.!


I Made A Mistake

10 Mar

Surprise! Surprise! We had our conversation again. We chatted for almost an hour. People might think, it’s a good idea. Of course, it is. We hadn’t talk for 2 days because he’s in Tagaytay and it’s their Retreat.

But you know what’s wrong with this picture??? I told him I like someone else. Wrong move. Now he might think, I don’t like him but well in fact, I do like him. And now, if he likes me, he’s not going to confess it anymore because of my stupid mistake!

Argggg. I really hate myself!!!!

Confused :|

8 Mar

Does he like me or not?? I really don’t know if he’s telling the truth that he likes someone else. Maybe that’s the truth or maybe he’s saying that so I will not think that I am the girl he’s pertaining on most of his posts.

He’s sweet and caring. He remembers the smallest details of my life. The question is, “Is he like that with others?”

They say action speaks louder than words. But action without any spoken words is a lil’ bit confusing. and I am really confused right now.

If he has something for me, then tell it. I really hate this kind of feeling. 😐