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My Favorite Fruit

27 May

Day 2 of Blog Everyday Project.

My favorite fruit of all time is ripe mangoes. Philippine mangoes to be exact. Because, Philippine mango is the sweetest among all mangoes around the world.

Take a look on the picture above and imagine the taste of its sweetness. 🙂

Blog Everyday

25 May

Ever since I bought my new semi-pro camera, I can’t stop taking pictures. I love photography since grade school. I also love writing/blogging. Because of that, I decided to blog everyday. I will post a picture that I’ve taken and then write my thoughts about it. 🙂 You think it’s a good idea??? Oh I think so. 🙂

Here’s my first entry for my Blog Everyday Project. 🙂

Blue Sky.

For me, blue sky symbolizes God. Why?? It reminds me to look up when I feel down, to see its beauty even if everything seems so ugly. It gives me hope. It gives me peace of mind.

Blue sky reminds us that even though we’re in this world full of chaos, just look above and everything will be just fine. 🙂


25 May

Photography is one of my interests. I love taking pictures of anything under the sun. For me, pictures = memories. I am not a pro. It’s just a hobby. Here are some of my shots.

I hope you like it.

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21 May

I’m not really into Anime or Cartoons but there’s one Manga series that I love watching. It’s ONE PIECE.

Because of my addiction, I started to draw some of the characters there. I’m not really good in painting. 🙂

NAMI. Yes I know, she doesn’t look like Nami. Hahaha. 😀






They are my favorite characters. I hope you like it. 🙂

Review Class

21 May

Hello there!!! I’m back!!! It’s been more than a month since I last posted here in WordPress. I’m kinda busy last month. And also my mom’s here in the Philippines. She prohibited me from using my laptop!

Summer started last month but I couldn’t go the beach. Why??? Because although I’ve already graduated college, I still have to enroll in a review class for the upcoming Nursing Licensure Exam. Sad. 😦 Actually what makes me sad is the fact that I’m away from my college friends. My mom insisted that I should enroll here in Bataan so “I could concentrate on my review class”. Arggg!!! And congratulations to me because I finally found a friend in my review class. In one month, I only got one friend. How nice is that? I am friendly person but almost all of my classmates know each other. They already have group of friends. I feel like a loner. 😦 And that one friend of mine is always absent!!!! Grrrr.

I am not enjoying my review class and the fact that I don’t even like our review center.

I badly miss my friends. I want to have group study with them. I want to be back in Manila. 😦