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My New Baby

15 Jun




So here’s my new baby, Keanu the Shih Tzu. Haven’t I told you that my pet hamster died last May 6??? I was crying so hard when Nyvyll the Hamster died. So I decided to buy a new pet.

I bought him last May 30. The first time I saw him, I fell in love with him. Hahaha 😀 . Kidding aside. I love this dog so much. He always waits for me whenever I go outside. He stares at me when I’m sleeping. He’s always by my side. He goes wherever I go. Isn’t he the sweetest?

Oh how I wish I could find a guy like my dig. Hahaha 😀


13 Jun

Ok. Right now I’m here at SM Pampanga. This our second day of Final Coaching for the upcoming NLE. I don’t want to attend the review cause I am too lazy to listen to my lecturers. And also I don’t have any friends there. How sad is that??

So now, I don’t have any place to go.

I think I’ll go home instead or meet my friends.