7 Aug

Hello everyone!!! I’m extremely happy now. Why?? Because the end is near. Right now, I’m making a list of names of people in my life who gave a very big contribution to what I am today. And tonight until tomorrow, I’m going to make letters to them. Thank you letter, hate letter, etc. It depends on the person. After three weeks, I’m going to give it to them. Someone will give it to them. at that time, maybe, I’m not here anymore. So, on Tuesday, I’ll give the letters to my friend. I’ll put it in an envelope and seal it. I’ll give instructions on what to do. First, I’ll tell him to open the envelope after three weeks. There will be a letter for him inside the envelope. I’ll ask him to give the letters to the people on the list.

This is going to be my last letter to them. My last remembrance. You’re lucky if you’ve received one. 🙂


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