Boracay with Buena Familia (Photos)

2 Nov

Good morning from the Philippines. I’m posting photos from my travel last week. Boracay with my bestfriend, her boyfriend and her friends. It’s fun and really memorable. I’ll blog the whole story behind these pictures later this evening or tomorrow. Have fun looking at our photos. 🙂

Day 1
> Arrived at Caticlan Airport at 4pm

someone’s waiting for us. 🙂
> Rode a tricycle to Caticalan port
> Road a boat to Boracay

> Checked-in at Roque’s place
> Dinner (forgot the name of the restaurant)

> Strolled the island of Boracay

> Starbucks

Day 2
> Went to the Market

> Cooked lunch at Roque’s place

> Stayed at our room and just goofed around


Day 3
> Island Hopping


We met Manong who sell 3 ice creams for only 100 pesos.Just imagine how hard it is for him to have this kind of job. I salute you Manong!!!!
> Snorkeling

I love this picture. It’s so funny! 😀
> Helmet Diving

> Lunch at Mang Inasal

> Dinner at Hap Chan


> Day 4
> stayed at our place the whole day
> Played my Diana F+ Lomo Cam, Color Splash and Fish-eye lens. 🙂

> ATV then drove to Amihan Peak to catch the sunset but we’re too late. 😦

I love this double -exposure shot taken by Bryan using his Nikon DSLR. Analog meets Digital. 🙂

Nikon DSLR vs. Diana F+ Lomo Cam.

> Buffet

> Bought pasalubong
> Night swimming

Day 5
> Bye bye Boracay 😦
Hello Manila.


2 Responses to “Boracay with Buena Familia (Photos)”

  1. renxkyoko November 2, 2011 at 5:32 am #

    Awesome !!!!

    Do you know we have a piece of property in Boracay ? We;re going to construct a duplex , maybe next year… Mom will be spending a lot for our European trip, so I don’t know when she’ll give the go-ahead signal for construction.

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