A Girl Named …

23 Nov

I was looking for old notebooks when I found a compilation of essay I made way back in highschool. Okay, this one made me cry. The title of my essay’s “A Girl Named Toni Anne.”


“Dreaming is the gate to reality.” Those words were Toni Anne had been believing since she was in grade school. She hoped that someday all of her dreams would come true.

On the 15th day of October, 1991, there was a woman who gave birth to her one and only child. She’s Criselda Valdez. She’s so proud to finally have a daughter. Her daughter’s name’s Toni Anne. Toni Anne grew up in her aunt’s house. Her aunt took care of her while her mom’s working abroad. Everybody adored her ’cause they thought that she’s always happy and had no problems at all. But beyond those smiles, there’s pain inside her heart that nobody knew. She was longing for love. She wanted to have a father. A father who would took care of her, who would kiss her forehead before she fell asleep. She dreamt of having someone to lean on when her classmates tease her. But those dreams didn’t come true. She never saw her dad again.

Until now, she’s still dreaming that someday it would come true. Someday she would feel the love of a family.

Do you know who she is???

…….Toni Anne is me.


5 years has passed and yet I’m still longing for his love. 😦 forgive me for being such a drama queen. Well, I believe that someday Toni Anne will be happy. And I know her dreams will become reality.


2 Responses to “A Girl Named …”

  1. renxkyoko November 23, 2011 at 4:51 pm #


    Annerifficweak, have you ever attempted to look for him? Do you have any idea who he is ? Pics? Anything? My heart goes out to you, sweetie. It’s such a great loss to your father that he doesn’t know you. Does he even know you exist ? * hugs*

    • annerifficweak November 23, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

      I’d always known my father but I only met him once before I wrote that essay. He’s my father and yet he never gave a single cent to support my studies. I know where he is. Actually he’s working at the same hospital and at the same department as my mom abroad. I have his number and he has mine but he only calls me once in a blue moon. Now, he’s having a great vacation with his family in Davao. Maybe he doesn’t want to see that’s he never told me that he’s already here. 😦

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