My First Day in Munoz! :)

2 Dec

Good evening from the first Science City in the Philippines, SCIENCE CITY OF MUNOZ, NUEVA ECIJA!

Today was an adventure! It’s my first time to travel alone in a place I’d never been into. So with one bagpack and my dog, I went straight to the bus terminal! I felt like I am Dora The Explorer with my bagback and my dog, Keanu, is Boots. Hahaha. So I traveled for more or less 7 hours with 7 public transportations. Yes, that’s true. From our house, I rode a tricycle to Balanga Central Terminal and then I found out that there were no buses going to Cabanatuan. So I rode a tricycle again going to Genesis Bus Terminal. The bus was going from Bataan to Pampanga. I arrived at Pampanga Central Terminal after one hour. I was going to ride a airconditioned bus when they told me that pets were not allowed. I had to put Keanu in the bus’s compartment. Of course, I said no. So instead, I rode an ordinary bus. Well, it was okay at first because Keanu loved the fresh air and I could see the beautiful scenery outside until our bus had to stopped because of flat tire. So we waited for almost 15 minutes before another bus passed by. Upon arriving to Cabanatuan, I rode a jeepney going to Munoz. But at Talavera, the driver asked me to transfer to another jeepney. I told the driver to tell me when we’re already at Munoz Public Market. But then again, he forgot about it. So I had to ride a tricycle again and then I met my friend there. O yes, finally, after 7 hours and 7 public transportations, I arrived the City of Munoz. Mind you, I looked like haggard woman with a tired dog beside me.

When I met my friend/former room mate, Ate Arianne, we went straight to their chursh. An evangelist church. (I am a Catholic but Catholics and Evangelists are both Christians). They had some activities there. They asked me to join them. I said yes. There’s nothing wrong with it, right? One of the speakers asked us this questions, “What are you if you were a non-living thing? And Why?”. My answer, “I would like to be a photograph. But it has to be a stolen or candid one. Why? Because I believe that pictures are memories and stolen pictures can show the real us. I want people to remember me as myself. No pretentions. I want them to see what God has made me to be.” And then we had to think a word that best describes God with the first letter of our answer on the first activity. I answered photograph, so I had to think of a word or phrase that starts with the letter “P”. So I answered them with this, “P is for POSSIBLE. With God, all things are possible.” After that, the pastor told us some words of wisdom and encouragement. I felt like God was beside at that moment. I could feel his presence.

Though I am deadly tired now, I’m still happy. I think my trip here will enrich the spiritual aspect of my life. Now, I’m staying at Ate Arianne’s place. My dog’s beside me, sleeping quietly. I should sleep now, too.

So good night everyone. Lond day ahead tomorrow. 🙂

***Sorry, I don’t have pictures of my first day here but promise, I’ll post a lot tomorrow. Good night again.***


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