I Want To Study Abroad!

5 Dec

I’ve been independently living this past few months. No work, etc. So I just travel a lot. Then suddenly, I realize that I want to work/study abroad. I love to travel plus I want to experience being a student again. I want to study as architecture or engineering or fashion design or culinary. I also want to know about the country’s culture, food, history, nature and arts. But in order for me to work or study, I need to have a sponsor plus money. I think I need to have at least half a million pesos (more or less 10,000 US dollars). And that’s my problem. Where can I get that big amount of money? Who can be my sponsor?

Maybe, it’s going to be just a dream. 😦 *sob* I really want to study abroad. Can someone help me? Just kidding. I just want to tell the world what I want.

Anyways, have a good day. 🙂


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