Why Do All Good Things Come To An End?

15 Dec

Way back in college, I was one of the lucky guys when in terms of money, material things and good education. My University was one of the most prestigious universities in Manila. My course was one of the highest tuition fees in our school. I was not outdated when it comes to gadgets. I partied a lot. I went to bars, got drunk, smoked and danced all night as if there’s no tomorrow. I had out of town trips once in awhile. I bought all the books that I’d always wanted to read. I was blinded by money and short-term happiness. I thought with money, I could have gained a lot of friends.

Look at my life now. I’ve been unemployed for 8 months. I’ve tried looking for a job but I don’t have the qualities they need. I don’t have money in my ATM Card. As in zero balance. I’m living at my cousin’s house. And she’s always complaining about me. I’m trying to have a business but I don’t have a capital. I feel hopeless again. What on earth did I do in my life? And depression’s taking over me again.

I can’t stand my life anymore. 😦


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