Good Bye

22 Dec

I always believe that there’s always anew beginning whenever we say good bye. It’s not yet the end. It only gives you a second chance to make things right.

This week has been one roughest pace of my life. I almost ended my life but God let me live in this world again. Today I’m leaving Bataan. I’ll leave my family here. I’ll all the bad memories that happened. I’ll try to forget and forgive. I’m going to Manila later to start a new life. I’ll be living with my Ninang (Godmother) for awhile then maybe at my friend’s place until I already have a stable job. I’m leaving with only 2000 on my pocket. I know it’s not enough so I have to find a job as soon as possible. I’m still in the process of accepting the things that happened to me. Until now, I couldn’t sleep at night. I haven’t eaten for three days except for some crackers and water. My heart is still in pain. And I still look like a zombie. I still look lifeless. It’s not easy to move one especially if the ones who hurt you are your family. I don’t know if my dreams will ever come true now that I’m going to live independently. Good bye good bye good bye.

The hardest words to say. I have to say good bye to my nephews and nieces. We’re all crying. Sorry I’m such a cry baby. I cry a lot. Actually I’m crying right now. I have to say goodbye to my dog, Keanu. I might not ever see him again. My God, I can’t look at my dog’s face. He can feel that I am leaving.

Okay, enough of this drama. But before I leave, I want to say than you to those who helped me.

• Bryan – so okay, you’re reading my blog. But because of you, my bestfriend knew what happened to me. And BTW thank you ’cause she said that you’re worried about me and also I hate you for not replying when I BBMed you when I said thank you.
• Erlich – you’re the bestest friend I’d ever had. Thank you for all the encouraging words. And sorry if you couldn’t understand what I am saying when I called you. Thank you also to your parents because they always made me feel that I’m a part of your family.
• Ate Yang – thank you ’cause in everything that happened to me, you’re always there willing to help and for always reminding me that God is here to help me face all these challenges.
• Kim Patrick – we just talked a little but thank you. Because you still believed that I can face it all. You told me that I am a strong woman. And for telling me that you’ll never leave me. Friends forever right?
• Renxkyoko – my online friend. I know you got carried away by my stories but thank you ’cause you been always here to help. Although we’re miles apart and we didn’t know each other personally, I still consider you as one of my best friends. I hope to meet you soon. And I hope you’ve received my email.

There are so many people to thank for. Sorry I can’t tell it here all your names. It’ll be going to be the Guiness longest blog post if I do that. THANK YOU guys.

Good bye bad memories. Hello to my new life. 🙂


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