Book Donations For Me?

28 Dec

Some of my friends are already asking where I am going. Of course, I can’t tell them because my Mom and I agreed that it is going to be strictly confidential (though some of my WordPress friends know where I am going). But because I am leaving and again, I am telling you I don’t have my phone and an internet connection there as well as television, I need another means of entertainment. I’m asking for book donations. I don’t know how many months will it take me to stay there so I am sure there will be times that I’ll get bored. Some are asking what kind of books I want.

Here’s the list:

• Books about Fallen Angels, Vampires, Witches (I already have Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Beautiful Creatures first two books, Hush Hush’s first two books)
• Beautiful Chaos (Third sequel of the Beautiful Creatures’ series)
• Silence (Third sequel of the Hush Hush’s series)
• The Hunger Games series
• Mitch Albom books
• Paulo Coelho books

If you have a kind heart, you can send it to me. Just send me an email so I can tell you the details of our address.

***Sorry for being pretty thick-skinned of me. I can’t go to bookstores now because I am stuck at my mom’s workmate’s place. I am not allowed to go outside. 😦


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