Great Opportunity

11 Aug

People say, great opportunity comes once in a lifetime so we should grab it because once it’s gone we can never bring it back.

This morning, I received an email from someone named Susie Gho. I opened the email and imagine my surprise when I read the first sentence.

After evaluation of your resume thru online job posting, we are pleased to tell you that you were chosen for the position of a Staff Nurse (Philippine Board licensed) and/or Enrolled Nurse (unlicensed Nurse & medical allied course graduate) for St. Luke’s Hospital in Singapore.

I want to jump because of so much happiness. I read the whole email for more than 10 times to make sure I am not dreaming. They say, the employers will meet us this coming August 17 for the 2-day training. Airfare and working visa expenses are shouldered by our employer. But other expenses like the 2-day training, passport, NBI clearance and medical clearance will all come from our own pockets. The 2-day training costs 3,800php. That’s around 100 US dollars. We have to pay for training before August 15. Since I’ve got no money in my pocket, I asked help from my mother. My mom’s not sending me money anymore since I already have work. I’ve waited for her reply for more than 4 hours. I even forwarded the email to her.

6 hours later.

Finally my mom send a message. But it only breaks my heart. She doesn’t want me to go. She said that she wants me to take the Nursing Licensure Exam first. Although, I’ve already told her the deployment date will be released at the end of the year. It means I can still take the nursing board exam. She even told me, the employers will not absorb me because I’m bloody hell FAT.

As much as I’ve wanted to grab this great opportunity, I should give up on this again. Thanks to my ever supportive Mom who only thinks what’s the best for her reputation.

And thanks to her encouraging words for me. *insert SARCASM here.*


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