Hi fellow bloggers! Welcome to my site! I am ANNERIFFICWEAK but you can call me ANNE. I’ve been a WordPress blogger for almost a year.

So how will I start this “about me” thing? Hhmmmnnn. Okay I’ll just enumerate some things about me.

Name: Toni Anne
•Roman Catholic
•Nursing Graduate

I love:

1. BOOKS — I’ve fallen in love with books when I read Erich Seagal’s Love Story. Ever since then, I’ve started to collect different genres of books. My favorite authors are Cecelia Ahern, Dan Brown, Paulo Coelho, Becca Fritzpatrick and Mitch Albom. My collection includes novels about vampires, fallen angels, witches, casters and other supernatural beings.

2. ART — Art has been a big part of myself. I’m not a painter but I know how to draw anime and cartoon. I want to go to painting classes so I can enhance my skills.

3. MUSIC — Nope, I’m not a singer but I can play the keyboards. Something that I am proud of. I love listening to music. For me, LIFE WITHOUT MUSIC IS BORING.

4. TO TRAVEL — It’s always been my dream to travel the world. Just like Elizabeth Gilbert(author of Eat, Pray, Love), I want to travel to find my true love and find myself too.

5. PHOTOGRAPHY — I want to be a professional photographer! I take pictures of anything. And of course, if I’m going to travel the world I have to take good photos of the places and people of that country. Oh and their foods too! 🙂

6. BLOGGING — Why blog? Because I want to have a personal diary. I want to write my thoughts about anything under the sun and share it with other bloggers and blog readers. With blogging, I can reach out people from different countries. You can meet true people here. You don’t need to pretend someone you are not here. Blog readers will accept you for who you are or what you are. I also love reading people’s thoughts. Sometimes, I laugh, smile and even cry while reading their blog post. And blogging can also teach you LIFE LESSONS. 🙂

So if you happen to read my blog, THANK YOU.

If you have time, you can visit my other sites:




  1. ladywithatruck December 27, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    I have been reading your blog and I wanted to reach out to you and tell ou I am a 53 year old woman in Canada who attempted suicide last January 2011 because I felt deserted by my family, over money, I was lied about, and my mother turned her back on me for over a year. Last January I had no money (I mean NO money, not one dollar), my vehicle was broken down, I had no family, no furniture, nothing. I took an overdose and didn’t eveven leave a good bye letter I knew no one would find me or even miss me for weeks. The pain was so great and I was so disappointed when I didn’t die. That night God told a friend that he should come visit me nd at 11 at night he dropped by and I told him what I’d done. He brought me food the next day and told me I was loved and that was the start of my healing. It was a hard year but I survived and:

    This Christmas, eleven months later my mother called me Christmas morning and told me she loves me and believes in me and she is going to lend me the money I desperately need to fix my teeth.

    I know it is a scary time, but you are strong, you can do this, and you are loved.

    I don’t have much but I would like to help you if I can. I also love books, I am a painter, and I believe in God, if you can give me an address to send things to I will send you books, or a other things as I can afford. I love you!

    My email is ladywithatruck2011@gmail.com, you can send your address there and I will send you a little something once in a while to let you know this old lady in Canada cares. I look forward to hearing from you¤

    You are a strong young lady. People say I am strong and can’t believe what I have overcome in my life. I look back and think yeah, I am strong, I am a survivor! But you know what? When I am going through it I don’t feel strong, I feel terribly fragile, but I keep trying keep telling myself I am strong, and I make it through another challenge and I Am strong until I feel weak again.

    God loves you, you are a beautiful, sweet young lady and you have a wonderful life waiting for you believe it.

    Write soon.
    With love Carrie

    • annerifficweak December 27, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

      Words of encouragement from a suicide survivor herself beats ever comment that I’ve ever received. you know my pain ’cause you’ve been through a lot like me. Thank you. And I’ve already sent you an email.

      Much love,

  2. brianitus August 25, 2013 at 6:23 am #

    Hi, Anne. Thanks for liking one of my posts. I haven’t written anything in a long while and you were the first to click like on that one. 🙂

    I’ll check out your site soon.

    • annerifficweak August 25, 2013 at 6:49 am #

      Hi brianitus! I haven’t watched the news for a couple days. Good thing, I read your post about what’s really happening to our government now.

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