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Maroons and Denim

25 Aug
Maroons and Denim


Rock Princess

24 Aug
Rock Princess

Purple dress

Nylon stocking

Valentino stud bangle

Mini hair clip

Giorgio Armani lips makeup

Black nail polish

Sweet in Pink

24 Aug
Sweet in Pink

Black is back

24 Aug
Black is back

Valentino see through dress
$3,950 –

Miu Miu metal glasses

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
$29 –

UK Finds

24 Aug

Hahhaha. Not really UK finds but these clothes are Ukay-Ukay finds(pre-loved clothes). Sorry, I just love going to Ukay Ukay and buy clothes there.

Sorry, I suck when it comes to fashion. Hahaha.


When He Said No

1 Mar

No more wedding.

He said he’s not ready. He said he had to let go of me.

Devastated? Yes.

Sad? Yes.

Angry? Definitely.

I feel like I’m a piece of trash. I don’t know what to do. I love him. I gave up my family for him. I gave him everything he wanted. I thought all’s going to be well. I know I said I’m not yet ready to have a family. But I wasn’t prepared for his unexpected decision. He let me go. We’re living together already then he told me to go home because he’s not yet ready for marriage. He said he tried but he wasn’t prepared for another responsibility. He said he wanted to go to abroad first. He said if ever he came back and I still don’t belong to someone else, then that’s the time he would marry me. But as of now, we should go on our separate ways.

F*CK HIM!!!!

And I thought, dramas were seen on movies only. Gosh, my life is one piece of a long story drama series!!!!


26 Feb

I need to find a job. Soon. Period. 😦