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An Actor Found Dead In His Car

29 Dec

It has been all over the news last night that Tyron Perez (a contender of a reality show, Starstruck 1) is found dead in an abandoned car. It is believed that he committed suicide. I feel sad for him. I can feel his pain. I can see his face crying while he is deciding which fate he will choose. It also breaks my heart that a lot of people are judging him because of what he did to himself. I want to defend him. I want to scream at those people. I want to tell them “You don’t know a thing about him so please stop judging him and just let him rest in peace.” We don’t know each other personally but I feel sorry for him. I just hope that he is happy wherever he is now. I know he is in good hands. And I hope he will find true happiness there.


After reading the news on twitter last night, I feel lifeless again. The number of suicide incidents are rising. Days after I first committed suicide, there are a lot of suicide news all over the country including the infamous gay couple in SM Pampanga. The gay shot his partner with a gun and then he shot himself after. They are both dead. Now, it is Tyron Perez, who is dead now. I keep on thinking why I am still on earth and they are not. Is it true that the reason I am here is because of God’s miracle? Maybe. Because I should be dead right now after what I did on my last suicide attempt. Maybe God is telling me that I haven’t fulfilled my purpose on earth.

I just hope that I’ll never hear a news about suicide again. I don’t wanna hear sad stories.

And I hope someday, I’ll learn the reason why God let me live the second time around. I want to know my..

Life’s purpose.

New “Not-Yet-A-Celebrity” Crush

11 Dec

I’ve been watching two reality shows every night. One is Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown aired every night in GMA7 and the other one is Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Edition aired every afternoon and everynight in ABS CBN. The reason I’m watching Survivor is because I have a crush on KC Montero. Hahaha. :)) And why PBB? Because I’m an avid fan of Kapamilya(ABS-CBN) shows. I’m a certified Kapamilya. Hahaha. :)) At first, Mark and Kevin are the guys I find attractive in PBB Unliday while Slater in PBB Unlinight. And then, there comes this guy named Carlo of PBB Unlinight. I don’t think he’s as handsome as the other guys but he’s so nice, friendly and can get along with other housemates. He’s so kind. When he found out that one his housemates, Biggel, doesn’t have a formal attire, he lends his polo. And now, he has a task along with other housemates. They need to change the attitude of Kigoy. He’s doing the task not because they need the weekly budget but because he wants to help Kigoy to change. He even told “Kuya” that he wants to cry because of the positive changes in Kigoy. And because of him being so nice and kind, he is now my “not-yet-a-celebrity” crush. Hahaha. 😀 He’s attractive in that way. And what makes him more attractive in my eyes? He has a book entitled, The Purpose Driven Life. A guy who is living in God’s purpose is more attractive than guys with pretty faces, right? So here’s a picture of him and please do watch PBB Unlinight. Certified Team High Voltage!