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When He Said No

1 Mar

No more wedding.

He said he’s not ready. He said he had to let go of me.

Devastated? Yes.

Sad? Yes.

Angry? Definitely.

I feel like I’m a piece of trash. I don’t know what to do. I love him. I gave up my family for him. I gave him everything he wanted. I thought all’s going to be well. I know I said I’m not yet ready to have a family. But I wasn’t prepared for his unexpected decision. He let me go. We’re living together already then he told me to go home because he’s not yet ready for marriage. He said he tried but he wasn’t prepared for another responsibility. He said he wanted to go to abroad first. He said if ever he came back and I still don’t belong to someone else, then that’s the time he would marry me. But as of now, we should go on our separate ways.

F*CK HIM!!!!

And I thought, dramas were seen on movies only. Gosh, my life is one piece of a long story drama series!!!!

Move On!

21 Nov

Move on.

Such an easy word to say but one of the hardest thing to do.

Why can’t I move on? It’s been a week since our break-up but still, I feel hopeless. I want to cry the whole day. I keep on blaming myself why he left me. I love him so much. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. I’ve tried talking to my psychiatrist but I just couldn’t open up to him what’s really the root of my sadness and what causes the pain that I am feeling. All I could tell him is that I’m tired of feeling that I am not good looking. But the truth is, I feel ugly because the only guy that I loved just left me with another girl. I’m insecure with his new girl. I am jealous. I envy that girl because she’s the one who owns his heart now. I hate myself. Why can’t I just accept the fact that he doesn’t love me anymore.

Why can’t I move on?? Please tell me how. The pain is killing me and I just couldn’t take it anymore. 😥

Ugly Me!!!!

18 Nov

Why life is so unfair? Some people are rich, some are poor. Some people are intelligent, some people are with low IQ. Some people are good looking and some are just plain ugly.

Ugly…. Just like me. Ugly and fat. With big nose. Big legs. Dark complexion. And a weight of almost 180 lbs. So that’s me. I’m feeling so down right now. Hearing from other people my physical appearance makes me feel like a total loser. Now, I’ve got a theory. Maybe the reason my boyfriend left me because of my physical appearance. His new girl is pretty and sexy. And I am absolutely not a likeable sight to see.

I’ve learned from the rehabilitation that I should love myself because it’s God’s gift. But how could I if everyone’s around me is telling not to love it. Everyone’s around me telling that I’m fat.

And I hate myself for it!

Someone Just Broke My Heart

17 Nov

How would you feel if your man cheated on you? It hurts, isn’t it?

November 13, 2012.I sent a message to my boyfriend (we’ve been together for more than 8 months and I met him in the rehabilitation center). I told him that we should break up because I couldn’t feel his affection anymore. He didn’t reply so I thought he didn’t like the idea of that; us, breaking up. So I browsed his Facebook account only to find out that he’s already in a relationship with another girl. What hurts more is that they’ve been together even before I broke up with him. It felt like it’s the end of the world for me. My first boyfriend cheated on me. So that’s why he’s being cold whenever he’s with me. I couldn’t take the pain any longer that day so I called him. He told me he had to leave me because the people around us didn’t want us to be together. He also told me to move on. I was crying the whole night. He’s my first boyfriend, my first kiss and the first guy to broke my heart.

Right now, I’m still in the process of grieving. I am pretending that everything’s fine but the truth is, I am deeply wounded. All I want to do is cry and scream. I want him back. I want our relationship to be just like before.

I love him so much that i don’t think I can handle another depressive situation in my life again.

I am sick and tired of being hurt. 😦

It’s Hard To Move On

30 Dec

I’ve started to see the light these past few days. I’m starting to look at the brighter side. With the my help of friends, WordPress people and my mom, I’m beginning to forget all the things from the past and I’m starting to move-on. Or that’s what I am making myself believe. This afternoon, all of the things my family have said and done to me start to pop in my head. I can hear their voices. I can feel their anger. And then I start to cry. It’s hard to forget my aunt, uncle and cousins have done. Instead of giving me love and support, they blame me for all the things that’s happening in our lives. Instead of comforting me, they put all my things outside their place and ask me to get the hell out of their house. They call me liar and crazy. Even my nephews and nieces believe that I am one and they tell them that I am going to hurt the kids. And much worse, they tell me that no one loves me. They have done enough damage in my heart and in my mind. The wounds in my heart are like the wounds in my hands. Until now, they are not yet healed and even though they are already healed, there are scars that will always remind me of the things from the past. I want to move on. I need to move on. I know a lot of people are helping me. My other cousins, my mom’s cousin, my mom, my friends and the WordPress people are all there to help me. But it’s hard to just forget everything. It’s hard to let the pain go away. I have forgiven my mom and she has forgiven me. She’s my mom, I love her and I’m willing to forget all the things she has said. But with my other relatives? I don’t know how long before I’ll begin to forgive and forget the things they have done.

My heart is in pain. My mind is troubled. My body is weak.

I’m not thinking of killing myself again but all I want is this pain to go away permanently and…

Forget the past and move on with my life.

Thank You Kuya Tom

29 Dec

I woke up this morning with an email from a friend named Tom Baker. I met him here in WordPress just a few days ago. We’ve been sending emails to each other ever since then. I call him Kuya Tom while he calls me Bunso Anne. Kuya means older brother in Tagalog while Bunso is youngest sister/brother. Since I am an only child, I feel like he is my older brother. He’s been helping me to cope up with my emotional problems and he makes sure than I am always fine. He’s been asking me not to tell anyone my address. I’m asking for book donations before I leave because of that I have to tell my address to everyone who wants to send books to me. He told me that not all people are trustworthy. And I agree with him. So to make it easier for me, he write a blog post about me and asks for some books. Instead of sending directly to me, you have to send it to him and then his friend Carl, will send it to my address. You can read his blog post for the details on how you can help me Good News Concerning Our Friend Anne .

To Kuya Tom, again thank you for all your help and concern. And I will never forget the things you’ve done for me for the rest of my life.

Much love,
Bunso Anne

Friends Forever

21 Dec

I cried because of this text message. He really cares for me. Yes, Friends Forever and I promise not to leave him. :’)

1000 Things I Need To Do Before 2016 (Part 1)

12 Dec

First 100 of my bucket list 🙂

1. Fall in love
2. Have a boyfriend. Hahaha
3. Have a job
4. See Mark Salling
5. Meet and have an autograph of Cecelia Ahern
6. Watch Coldplay’s concert
7. Watch Snow Patrol’s concert
8. Watch Maroon 5’s concert
9. Eat exotic food
10. Travel to a new destination alone
11. Buy La Sardina Camera – Metal Edition
12. Collect all Diana F+ Lens
13. Own 1000 books
14. Lose weight
15. Be physically fit
16. Own at least 10 pairs of killer heels; and
17. At 5 pairs of boots
18. Read at list 20 classic novels; and
19. 20 Mangas
20. Plant a tree
21. Have a greenhouse
22. Buy a new keyboard instrument
23. Cook food for my friends
24. Have a house party and invite my friends
25. Go skinny-dipping
26. Draw my own portrait
27. Write message in a bottle
28. Write letters to my future kids
29. Write sorry and thank you letter to my parents
30. Join a contest; and
31. Win it
32. Learn how to drive
33. Own a bicycle
34. Hold hands with the one I love while walking at the beach
35. Have a total make-over
36. Go to Glendale, California and visit my friend, Nicole
37. Meet my online friends here in WordPress
38. Run a marathon for a cause
39. Donate a blood
40. Visit an orphanage; and
41. Home for the aged
42. Help in times of calamity
43. Be a good friend
44. Own a LV bag
45. Learn how to play guitar; and
46. Drums
47. Speak different language
48. Buy a new laptop using my own money
49. Read a novel for only one day
50. Ride a roller coaster
51. Be happy. 🙂
52. Treat someone special
53. Get rid of my mental illness
54. Take the board exam
55. Try parasailing/windsurfing; and
56. Wakeboarding
57. Blog everyday for 2 weeks
58. Spend 24 hours with one of bestfriend
59. Laugh as if there’s no tomorrow
60. Give food to the beggars
61. Go to Manila Ocean Park
62. Give my mom a present
63. Party all night!!!
64. Design my own house
65. Let someone dear to me read my private blog
66. Give my favorite item to someone special
67. Make a delicious dessert
68. Ride a horse
69. Try to live in a farm (without TV, phone, internet)
70. Sleep for 15 hours straight
71. Visit 100 church
72. Listen to my family
73. Have my first real kiss (with someone I love)
74. Sing in front of my friends
75. Try not to smoke for one year
76. Hug someone special to me
77. Ask someone to go one a date
78. Fly a kite
79. Be someone’s mentor
80. Finish reading the Harry Potter’s series
81. Learn how to speak French
82. Visit Palawan
83. Attend a friend’s wedding
84. Throw a surprise birthday party for a friend.
85. Compose a song
86. Visit Barnes N Noble and buy books there
87. Mountain climb
88. Own s Powerbooks Membership card; and
89. Fullybooked Membership Card; and
90. Laking NBS Card
91. Own a house
92. Own a car
93. Sleep under the stars
94. Learn to say NO when I really mean it
95. Meet my 3 siblings
96. Hug my father
97. Sponsor a kid in World Vision
98. Adopt a dog
99. Be a vegetarian for one month
100. Invent a new dish

Single Since Birth!

9 Dec

Anyone here who’s been single from the time they were born up to now? Let me guess, if not all, most of you are in a relationship right now or have been in a romantic relationship before. So most of you are not part of the No Boyfriend Since Birth Club. Okay let me tell you one thing about myself, I never have a boyfriend ever in my life. Imagine I’m already 20 and yet I’ve never been into a romantic relationship.. So that means, I’ve never been kissed by a guy. My first kiss’s a girl. No, I’m not a lesbian. I am a straight girl. And that kiss was a SMACK. Okay?
The reason why I am single because no one ever dared to court me. Maybe no one really likes me *sob*. No! I doubt that. I believe that there’s always one person who likes you. He’s just too scared to tell you. I have a lot of guy friends but when I feel like our closeness are getting into something deeper, I immediately tell him that I love someone else. Actually, that’s the truth. I’ve been in love twice but sadly, they’re both in a relationship and I think they’re happy.
I’m not whining about being single ’cause the truth I am happy with it. I can do whatever I want. I have more time with my friends. I am not obliged to tell someone “good morning sweetie” or “good night babe”. But my friends keep bugging me being single. I mean what’s wrong with that? To tell you the truth, even my mom told that I should have a boyfriend already since I’m already done with my studies.
I also have friends like me. We all choose to graduate first before getting into a romantic relationship. I am not alone with this. Once we asked each other, what qualities we like in a guy. I always say I like guys who are chinito or bald. Haha! 😀 Well, one of the reasons I don’t have a boyfriend aside from being in love with my bestfriend who has a girlfriend, is I have a checklist. Yes, a checklist of what I want in a guy.
1. Chinito
2. Bald
3. Guy who wears eyeglasses
4. Gentleman
5. With sense of humor
6. Knows how to have clean fun
7. Can sing ( I want him to serenade me)
8. Can dance
9. Taller than me
10. Smart
11. Strict but not too much
12. Loves to travel
13. Good in taking photos (I want to see the beauty of the world through him)
14. Can play at least one musical instrument
15.Knows how to cook
16. Guys with killer smile
17. Knows how to draw/paint
18. Loves art
19. With long patience
20. Mysterious
21. Admits his mistakes
22. Loves me more than I love him
23. Bookworm
24. Respects women
25. God-fearing
26. With stable job
27. Animal-lover
28. Loves adventure
29. One-woman man
30. Not afraid to tell the world that he loves me
31. Family-oriented
32. Responsible
33. Humble
34. Loves to surprise me
35. Always makes me smile
36. Makes an effort to be with me
37. A wise-spender
38. Someone who gets along with my friends and family
39. Loves what I love
40. And most of all, HE MUST BE THE GUY THAT I LOVED.

If you check 20/40, maybe YOU are the one that I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Hahaha. :))

Pag-Ibig Nga Naman (Part 2)

24 Nov

Eto na ang pagpapatuloy ng aking one-sided love story.


Nakilala ko ang pangalawang taong minahal ko noon nasa 2nd sem, 2nd year college ako. Itago na lang natin sya sa pangalan na Kier*. Hindi ko maaring sabihin ang tunay nyang pangalan sa kadahilanang baka mabasa nya ito. Naging kaklase ko sya at katabi ko pa sa upuan sa halos lahat ng subjects namin. Inis na inis na inis ako sa kanya dahil ang ingay nya, palamura, mayabang at feeling close. Mga katangian na ayaw ko sa lalake. Kung nabasa nyo ang Part 1 nitong kwento, maaalala nyo yung kaibigan ko na unang nagkagusto sa 1st love. Nagkagusto sya kay Kier*. Hindi lang gusto, kung hindi, gustong gusto nya talaga. Wala naman ako pakealam dahil naiinis ako sa lalakeng ito nung mga panahon na yun at sobrang mahal ko yung 1st love ko. Gusto ng kaibigan ko na maging close kami ni Kier* para ilakad ko sya pero ayaw ko kasi talagang naiinis ako sa kanya. Gusto ko na nga magpalipat ng upuan eh pero syempre bawal. Walang araw na hindi kami nag-asaran. Lagi kaming nagbabarahan. Sabi nya noon, ako lang daw nakakakita ng mga panget sa kanya at ako lang ang unang babaeng nakakapang-asar sa kanya ng ganun. Nung sinabi nya yun, medyo nagiging okay na kami. Nag-aasaran pero nagiging magkaibigan na kami. Unti unti na rin napapansin ng iba yung closeness namin pero syempre wala akong pakealam kasi nga may gusto akong iba. January talaga kami naging sobrang close. Ako kasi group leader sa Community Health Nursing namin. Yun panahon na sobrang broken-hearted ako pero di pa nya alam yun. Sya rin kadalasan nakakapansin na late ako at pumapasok na namamaga ang mata ko. Lagi nya akong inaasar na umiyak ako. Ang hindi nya alam, totoo yun. Lagi pa nya inte-txt kung papasok ako. Unti-unti na kami nagsasabihan ng mga sikreto namin pero di ko pa rin sinasabi yung problema ko sa pag-ibig. Madalas sya pumupunta sa apartment namin para tulungan ako sa school papers namin. Inaabot sya ng madaling araw. Ganun sya kabait kahit na mapang-asar sya. Pupunta pa yan sa amin kahit na may lagnat pa sya. Tinutukso na kami ng mga kaklase namin noon pero wala lang sa akin. Pero yung kaibigan ko, sineryoso yung mga tuksuhan. Akala nya nag-traydor na naman ako sa kanya sa pangalawang pagkakataon. Eh hindi naman. Saka hello, alam naman nya na mahal na mahal ko yung isang lalake noon at nakikita naman nya kung paano ako umiyak dun. Eh pero pinaniwalaan pa rin nya yung sinasabi ng ibang tao. Hindi ko na pinatulan. Ayaw din ni Kier* sa kanya dahil nalaman nya na may gusto sya sa kanya at alam nyang inaaway ako nito. Sabi nya wag ko na daw kausapin yung kaibigan ko. Nung last week ng January, nagkayayaan kami ni Kier* at nung isa pa namin kaibigan na manood ng last full show ng Inkheart. Pero sabi ko, 7pm screening na lang. Pumayag naman sila. Aba alas-syete na pero wala pa si Kier*. Yung isa namin kaibigan at kapatid nya nasa loob na ng sinehan. Bibili na dapat ako ng ticket pero biglang syang nagtxt na hintayin ko sya at kaming dalawa na lang manood. Hinintay ko sya. Pagdating nya, naglibot libot pa kami sa SM San Lazaro. Tapos ayun nanonood kami ng last full show. Ang daldal nya habang nanonood kami. Kinabukasan, alam na ng mga kaklase namin na nanonood kaming dalawa ng sine. Sabi pa ni Kier* nag-date kami. Date? eh nagkanya kanya nga kaming bayad nun. Pero naisip ko, sya nga pala nagbayad tapos binigay ko rin sa kanya yung pera ko. Eh tinanggap naman nya. Alam nya kasi ayaw ko nagpapalibre. Minsan, nagpunta halos lahat ng group namin sa bahay tapos sabi nya naiwan nya yung mga school papers na kailangan namin. Samahan ko raw sya sa dorm nila. Sabi ko sa iba na lang sya magpasama pero ayaw raw nya. Sinamahan ko sya tapos yun pala, yayayain lang nya ako mag-dinner. Pumayag naman ako. Halos isa’t kalahating oras kaming wala. Txt ng txt na mga kasama namin. Dumadalas na pagpunta nya sa bahay namin. Minsan nakikinig kami ng music nang biglang nag-play yung When You Look Me In The Eyes. Bigla ba naman nya ako tinitigan. Sabi ko sa kanya, hindi ako madadala ng mga titig nya. Sabi nya, wag kang magsalita ng tapos. May instance pa na umiinom kami hot chocolate. Nasa hagdan ako tapos pumunta sya likod ko. Halos magkadikit na kami. Pwede naman sya tumabi sa akin bakit kailang dun pa sya umupo di ba? Siguro akala nya may gusto ako sa kanya. Ewan ko lang kung may gusto sya sa akin. Dumating yung gabi, sinabi ko sa kanya na may gusto ako sa mga kaklase namin. Sabi ko, di ko masabi sa kanya dahil nahihiya ako. Akala yata nya sya kasi wagas yung ngiti nya nun eh. Tapos sinabi ko na yung pangalan ng kaklase namin. Bigla syang kumuha ng tubig. Di nya ako tinignan. Simula noon, di na sya masyado pumunta sa amin. Pero nakikinig pa rin sya mga kwento ko tungkol sa dun sa isang lalake. Sya naman naging shoulder to cry on ko. Nag-summer na pero di na kami magkaklase noon. Pero nagsasabihan pa rin kami ng problema. Nagkaroon na rin kami ng isang barkada. Magkakasama kami nag-lunch pero di ako makakakain. Nagkaroon kasi ako ng anorexia nung mga panahon na yun. Nagagalit sya kasi di ko inuubos yung pagkain ko. Kaya ayun, unti-unti ko na rin sinubukang kumain ulit. Tumaba na naman ako. 😦 Ang tagal namin ulit hindi nagkita tapos minsan nag-bar kami. Pagpunta nya sa bahay, masyado yata syang excited na makita ako kasi nasa CR pa lang ako, binubuksan na nya yung pinto. Madalas din sa harap ng taxi sa umuupo pero nung panahon na yun, tumabi sya sa akin. At pagbaba namin, feeling ko prinsesa ako kasi inabot pa nya yung kamay ko. Pero syempre nag-inarte ako at hindi ko binigay kamay nya. Alam nya di pa rin ako maka-moveonedotcom noon. Nagkagusto na sya sa iba. Sa isa nyang kaklase. Ako naman, okay lang. Hanggang sa nasanay na ako na lagi ko sya kasama. Gusto ko na sya laging nasa tabi ko. Nagsimula na ako magselos sa mga babaeng nagiging kaibigan nya. Pero sabi naman nya, kahit ilang babae pa yan, iba pa rin daw ako. Fourth year ako ng maramdaman ko na mahal ko na sya. Nung niyaya ko syang lumabas. Hindi date. Parang yun tulad lang ng dati. Nag-oo sya noon. Pinaghandaan ko talaga. Bumili ako ng damit at sapatos. Tapos bigla syang umayaw. Iyak ng iyak ako noon. Inaway ko talaga sya. Isang buwan kaming hindi nagpansinan. Pag nagkakasalubong kami sa hallway ng school, nag-iiwasan kami ng tingin. Syempre, iyak na naman ako tuwing mangyayari yun. Hanggang isang umaga, habang papunta ako hospital duty ko, bigla syang nagtxt. Nanghihingi ng Evidence-Based Nursing papers. Eh grabe lang, malapit na mag-6am nun. May duty din sya ng 6am at halos 2 hours byahe sa hospital na naka-assign sya. Sabi ko, gumagawa lang toh ng paraan para magkabati kami. Ayun, successful naman sya kasi nagbati kami. Nagka-txt na ulit kami. Nagkita ulit kami nung enrollment. Nilibre pa nya ako kasi katatapos lang ng birthday nya. Pinahiram ko pa sa kanya yung libro na “Beastly” ni Alex Flinn. Sabi ko para sya yung bidang lalake. Feeling ko naman ako yung bidang babae. Nagkwentuhan kami ng kung ano ano hanggang mapunta kami sa gusto nyang kaklase nya. Balak na raw nyang ligawan at ako lang daw mahihingan nya ng advice. Ako naman, kahit nasasaktan, pinayuhan sya kahit labag sa loob ko mga sinasabi ko sa kanya. Eh syempre, matalik kaming magkaibigan eh. Gusto ko na nga umiyak sa harap nya kasi kitang kita ko sa mga mata nya na gusto nya talaga yung babae. Saka anong laban ko dun sa babae? Hello, model kaya yun. Maganda talaga. Eh nung araw na yun, na-ospital yung babae dahil may dengue. Sabi nya magkita na lang daw ulit kami nung ganing yun pagkatapos nyang bisitahin yung babae. Selos naman ako. Tapos nung gabi, as usual nag-back-out sya kasi nandun pa sya sa ospital. Sobrang selos ko noon at nainis ako ng sobra dun sa babae. Pero ngayon hindi na ako naiinis ah. Syempre umiyak ako. Pero sabi ko sa kanya, kung mahal mo talaga yung babaeng yun, sige ligawan mo. Mukhang mabait naman at basta wag lang nyang lolokohin yung babae at mahalin nya ng sobra. Oh di ba, wagas ang pagiging martir ko. Nag-christmas party kami ng mga kaklase ko. Pinili ko magpakalasing kasi gusto ko ilabas lahat ng sakit na nararamdaman ko. Ayun, nalasing nga ako. Iyak ng iyak ako. Ang sinasabi ko lang “Mahal na mahal ko si Kier*. Sya lang wala ng iba. Wala akong pakealam sa ibang lalake.”. Pa-ulit ulti yun habang umiiyak ako. Natatandaan ko pa, sinabi ko ” ano bang mali sa akin at hindi nya makita na mahal na mahal ko sya? Bakit puro si E**** na lang?” Ang wasted ko talaga nung gabing yun buti na lang inalagaan ako nung isa kong kaklaseng lalake. Nagkita ulit kami ni Kier* ng January. Tanggap ko naman na yung babaeng gusto nya kaya yun agad tinanong ko sa kanya. Sabi kumusta na sila ni E****. Kung nag-level up na sila.sabi nya may iba na raw syang gusto. Yung isa raw nilang kaklase. At di pa raw alam sa classroom nila dahil ang alam nila nililigawan nya yung isa. Tinanong ko kung mahal nya tong bagong babae, sabi nya di raw pero may mas pag-asa raw sya dito. Gusto kong sabihin sa kanya, “Eh kung ako na lang ligawan mo. Matagal ka ng may pag-asa sa akin.” Pero syempre di ko pwedeng sabihin yun kasi may rule kami na walang talo talo sa kaibigan. Iyak na naman ako. Napaka-iyakin ko talaga eh. Ilang araw lang, nalaman ko silang dalawa na. Ang bilis di ba? Tapos nung Valentine’s Day, ang gusto pa ni Kier*, ako bumili ng bulaklak sa girlfriend nya. ayos di ba? Alam kong martir ako pero di naman ako tanga para bumili ng bulaklak para dun noh. Bwisit! Di ako pumayag. Dumaan mga araw, pinilit kong kalimuta sya. Binaling ko yung tingin ko sa ibang tao. Madami akong nagustohang lalake pero hanggang gusto at crush lang talaga. Di ko talaga magawang kalimutan si Kier*. Nagkita ulit kami, sabi nya, bago matapos ang taon dapat mag-boyfriend na raw ako kung hindi, ililibre ko daw sya. Eh paano kaya ako magkaka-BF, eh sya gusto ko na malas ko lang may GF naman sya. Nung graduation pareho kaming schedule. Sinulit ko na yung araw na yun at hindi na ako umalis sa tabi nya. At pagkatapos ng graduation ceremony, ngayakap kami ng sobrang higpit. Yung parang wala ng bukas. Iiyak na nga sana ako kaya lang pinigilan ko. Yun na yung huli namin pagkikita. Nakaka-usap pa rin kami sa txt paminsan-minsan. Med student sya ngayon. Sila pa rin ng GF nya. Ako naman, eto, wala pa ring BF at mahal pa rin sya. Nag-aantay sa kanya. Malay mo balang araw maging kami din di ba? O kaya naman, makakita ako ng taong mamahalin ako ng tulad ng pagmamahal ko kay Kier*.


Oh ayan, tapos na ang kwentong pag-ibig ko. Kayo ano naman ang kwentong pag-ibig nyo?

***Si Kier* at si Patrick* na bestfriend ko at nabanggit ko sa ibang blog post ko ay iisa. 🙂