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I Want A Tattoo

5 Dec

I’ve been posting a lot about my wants this past few weeks. I want to travel. I want to study abroad. And now, I want a tattoo. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for quite awhile now. And recently, my friend got her first tattoo and I was like, “I need to have one too!”. For me, tattoo is an art. And I love arts! I once read an article about tattoo. And writer said something like, “We die and yet we cannot bring our possessions with us. Tattoo is the only thing we can bring even to our own death.” I can’t remember the exact words but the thought is like that. I agree with him. So now, I’m planning to have a tattoo on my right and left limb. It is just my name actually. I still want it to be hidden because some think that people with tattoos are addict. And also, one reason I want it to be hidden is because my family will kill me if they find out I have one.

Well, what do you think guys? I need your opinion. 🙂 And for Filipino bloggers out there who have tattoos, do you have any suggestions where can I get a one?

Thanks in advance. 🙂

Day 2 at Nueva Ecija (Central Luzon State University)

3 Dec

Good evening fellow bloggers! 🙂 Another tiring day had passed. Today, we went to Central Luzon State University. a hundred-plus hectare open university in Science City of Munoz.

So our first activity was to share God’s words to freshmen and sophomore students. It was a fun experience and I got the chance to share my stories with them.

After that we ate ICE SCRAMBLE


Our last activity??? Stroll the university. Enjoy looking at my shots. Nature-lovers will surely love this place. 🙂

The Joy He Brings

30 Nov

My life is like a wheel. Rollin’ and rollin’. So many ups and downs. There also comes a time when I already give up. Almost everyone in my family hate me now. My friends are livin’ in the city while I’m stuck here in the province. Jobless. Lonely. Loner. No job. No family. No friends. Sad isn’t it? But there’s one little creature who never leave me. He’s been beside me for the last 6 months. And he’s the best thing that happened to me. I don not regret buying him. He’s the only who can make me smile when I’m crying. He listens to me when no one understands me. He knows when I’m sad. He’ll look me in the eyes as if he’s telling me, “Anne, don’t be sad, I’ll never leave you no matter what happens. Arf. Arf.” He’s the best-est friend I’ve ever had. I can confide on him.

His name is Keanu. A dog. A shih tzu. The one who brings joy to my life.

No Drafts Found

29 Nov

Hurray to Blackberry for having WordPress application. Thanks to you, I can check my blog anytime I want. And thanks to you too because the blog about my crush that I am about to post is gone. Yes, it’s gone! *sob* :'(.

I was thinking of my crush this morning that’s why I decided to write about him. I wasn’t finished writing so I just saved it as draft. And when I checked my phone drafts to continue writing, it’s GONE! I tried to reboot it but still no sign that I’m going to retrieve it.

Now, I’m pissed off and I am too lazy to write about him again. Maybe, I’ll just write about him tomorrow or the next day. That’s all for now. Bye.

Mt. Samat (Dambana ng Kagitingan/Shrine of Valor)

27 Nov

It all started when I made a list of places I’ve want to visit in the Philippines. I called my friend and asked him to come with me and then he invited his cousin(he’s also our friend). So yesterday(Nov. 26), we went to Mt. Samat together with other hundreds of Bataenos for the Diocese of Bataan’s Annual Pilgrimage. It took us almost 3 hours of non-stop walking/hiking before we reached the peak of the mountain.

I’m from Bataan, and I’ve been to Mt. Samat twice but I don’t have pictures. So this’s the third I’m going to the historical mountain in Bataan. The Mt. Samat! As you can see in the pictures, there is a giant cross at the peak of the mountain. This is symbol of heroism of the Filipino soldiers who fought for the Filipino’s independence against the Japanese colonization. Former President Ferdinand Marcos was the one responsible why we, Bataenos, have this historical place. FYI, he’s one of the Filipino soldiers. It is also one of the most beautiful places here in Bataan aside from the beaches, forest, hanging bridge, etcetera.

Aside from the giant cross (also known as Dambana ng Kagitingan / Shrine of Valor), there is also a museum. You can see photos of the World War II, different kinds of guns, bombs and the likes which they used during the war. There is also a big map of the peninsula of Bataan.

It’s not easy going to Mt. Samat. It hurt my feet. I almost had an astha attack. I almost gave up but I still tried. When I reached the peak, there was a strange feeling. A feeling of euphoria. It felt like my dream were coming true. Going to Mt. Samat gave me strength to face the challenges I have to face in life. The only reason I’d decided to go there was to travel. It’s just for fun and adventure. But you know what, this one simple travel of mine to Mt. Samat taught me TWO things:




Another Friend Left

25 Nov

Belated happy thanksgiving to everyone! 🙂 I envy those who are in US now ’cause they have this kind of holiday. Anyway, how’s everyone? How do you spend your holiday? Ooooh wait! My blog is about my friend leaving. So why am I asking about thanksgiving? Well, maybe I’m a little bit upset that’s why I’m trying to change the subject.

So here’s the story. Last night, I was watching Survivor Philippines Double Celebrity Showdown. In between commercial breaks, I checked my facebook and twitter for any updates. I was reading some of my friends’ statuses when one status really caught my attention. It said, “Here in Taipei. I’ll wait for 3 hours more for my next flight. Argggg.” So I was like, “HeyN she’s in Taipei? Where is she going?” So I immediately browsed her facebook wall and then I was really shocked. She’s going to New Zealand. And she’s going to stay there for good. She didn’t told me about this. Come to think it, we’re not just friends, we’re BFFs. We used to have sleepovers. We went to mall all the time. We shared secrets. I even celebrated my 17th birthday with her family. And now, she’s going to New Zealand without me knowing. I was angry. I was hurt. I cried last night. Although we hadn’t seen each other for months, I still had the right know that she’s leaving. This’s the second time someone left me and went to another country. I felt like someone just stabbed me.

I don’t understand her why she’s not telling about this. I really don’t understand why they have to leave me. I’m really upset right now. I feel so alone. 😦

Pag-ibig Nga Naman (Part 1)

23 Nov

Isa sa mga pinakamasarap na pakiramdam ay ang umibig. Lalo na kung ang taong iniibig mo ay may pagtingin din sa’yo. Pero ano nga ba ang pag-ibig? Ano kayang gawin nito sa taong nakararamdam nito? Marahil halos naman lahat sa atin ay naranasan ng umibig, tama ba? Naisipan kong magsulat ng tungkol sa paksang pag-ibig gamit ang wikang unang ko sinambit nung ako’y bata pa, sa wikang alam kong mas masasabi ko ang nasa isip at puso ko.

Ako’y dalawampung taong gulang na ngunit di pa ko pa nararanasan magkaroon ng boyfriend . Minsan iniisip ko, ganun na ba talaga ako kapanget at parang walang nagkakagusto sa akin. Syempre, hindi lang naman ang ganda ng isang tao ang basehan upang magustuhan mo sya. Minsan gusto mo sya dahil mabait sya, matalino o kaya naman minsan sadyang nade-develop ka lang. Dalawang (2) beses ko na nasubukan umibig. Yun nga lang dalawang beses din ako nasaktan. Gusto ko ikwento sa inyo yung dalawang beses na nagkaroon ako ng “one-sided love story“.

Ang unang lalake na minahal ko ay nakilala ko noon 1st sem, 2nd year college ako. Kaklase ko sya noon. Hindi ko sya masyado napapansin noon dahil mayroon akong crush na basketball player sa Unibersidad namin. Nung panahon na yun, yung isa sa mga pinakamatalik kong kaibigan sa klase namin ay may gusto sa kanya. Lagi nya sa akin kinukwento yung lalake na yun hanggang sa tumagal, unti unti ko na syang napapansin at nagka-gusto na rin ako sa lalake na yun. Pinilit kong wag magkagusto sa kanya dahil alam kong magagalit ang kaibigan ko. Pero di mo naman mapipigil ang puso di ba? Lalo mo itong pinipigilan, lalo itong nagiging pasaway. Natatandaan ko noon, buwan ng Septyembre, inamin ko sa kaibigan ko na may gusto na ako sa lalake na gusto rin nya. Nagalit sya sa akin. Sinabihan nya akong traydor. Ako naman iyaking bata, iyak ng iyak kasi nagka-away kami pero syempre natanggap din nya at nagparaya na lang sya sa nararamdaman ko. Dumating ang Oktubre at naging close na kami nung taong gusto ko. Hindi ko na matandaan kung paano pero bigla na lang kami naging constant txtmates. Halos araw araw magka-txt kami. Pagkagising, bago matulog. Napupuyat ako dahil lang sa kanya. At nung kaarawan ko, hindi sya nakasama pero nagpadala naman sya ng cake. Kilig na kilig ako nun pero ayaw ko ipahalata sa iba kong kaibigan dahil nahihiya ako saka hindi pa nila alam na may gusto ako dun. Wala rin nakakaalam na madalas na kami magka-txt. Dumating ang 2nd sem, naging kaklase ko ulit sya. Di na kami masyado nagkaka-usap nung kaibigan ko na dating may gusto sa kanya dahil lagi na lang sya nagagalit sa akin. Kaya noon, iba na ang nakakasama ko. Lalo kami naging close nung taong gusto ko. Sinabi ko rin sa kanya na may mahal ako pero di masabi sa taong ito. Binigyan nya ako ng mga payo pero di nya alam sya yung lalake na yun. Dumating ang araw na hindi ko na mapigilan sarili ko. Ayun, sinabi ko na sa kanya na sya yung mahal ko. Akala ko iiwasan nya ako pero sobrang bait ng taong ito at mas madalas pa nya ako kinakausap nung magtapat ako sa kanya. Tinutulungan pa nya ako sa mga school papers para sa community namin. Yun nga lang, may nagyari nung huling buwan ng taon, nag-break yung isa kong kaibigan at yung boyfriend nya. Matagal ko ng pansin na yung kaibigan ko na ito at yung taong gusto eh may pagtingin sa isa’t-isa. Tama nga ang kutob ko, naging shoulder to cry on ni babae si lalake. Eh ako naman, iyak na iyak din. Kasi alam kong wala na akong pag-asa. Halos araw-araw umiiyak ako. May marinig lang akong nakakaiyak na kanta, iiyak na ako. Pag tinanong lang ako ng mga kaibigan ko kung mahal ko ba talaga sya, tutulo na lang bigla luha ko. Pag nakikita ko silang magkasama, natutulala na lang ako hanggang sa tumulo luha ko. Walang araw at gabi na hindi ako umiiyak. Nagkaroon ako ng depression noon. Di ako makakain, makatulog, makapag-aral ng maayos. Dun ko nasabi sa sarili ko, “ganito pala magmahal, sobrang sakit.” Halos di na rin ako pumapasok sa mga klase ko noon at kung pumasok man ako, late naman. Umuwi din ako sa probinsya namin dahil di ko na talaga kayang pumasok pa. Ang sakit sakit kasi na makita silang magkasama at sobrang naging bitter ako sa kanila. Nag-alala na yung mga kaibigan ko sa akin. Tinatawagan na nila ako. Pero syempre pumasok pa din ako. Yun nga lang, laging maga ang mata ko. Binalak ko din magpakamatay noon. Kasi talagang ang saki sakit sakit sakit. To the nth level talaga yung sakit. Wagas eh. Buti na lang di ko tinuloy. Naalala ko pa, kinausap ako ng tita ng bestfriend ko noon kasi nakita nya kung paano ako umiyak. Naging sila nung January. Akala nila okay na ako noon pero syempre hindi. Di na rin kami nag-usap ng kaibigan ko at nung lalake kasi syempre di naman ako ganun ka-tanga para kausapin pa sila. Lumayo din ako sa barkada ko kasi nasa isang barkada lang kami. Dumaan ang madami pang buwan pero di na natapos issue sa amin tatlo. Naka-away ko pa si lalake. Pero habang tumatagal, umaayos naman. Naging okay na ulit lahat. Kahit na inabot din ng halos isang taon bago ako naka-move-on. Ilang beses din pala ako naglasing dahil sa lalakeng ito. Pag-ibig nga naman noh? Sa ngayon, pag naalala ko yun mga panahon na nagbali-baliwan ako sa lalake na ito, natatawa na lang ako. Siguro ganun talaga pag first love at first heartache. Hanggang ngayon, sila pa din nung kaibigan ko at masaya ako para sa kanila. 🙂