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Typhoon and Other Stuff

24 Aug

Oh hello, i'm back!

Hello Mr. Sun. I’ve seen you again. I never thought I’m going to be this ecstatic knowing you’re here. Hahaha. 😀

Well, if you’re a Filipino, you know what I mean. From Monday to Wednesday, our very own country, Philippines, had a visitor named Maring. Yeah, Maring was the name of the typhoon. It was raining cats and dogs on most part of Luzon. NCR suspended classes from elementary to college and most offices are closed. Wanna know why?? Well, it’s because of the FLOOD. And guess what, even my aunt’s house here in Pasay (where I am staying) was flooded. It was knee high so we’re stuck upstairs for two whole days. Anyways, since I don’t have work, all I ever did was read books. I’m addicted to books again.

that's me being a COMPULSIVE READER

that’s me being a COMPULSIVE READER

I finished reading The Dork Diaries 1-5. I know, I am too old for that kind of stuff. But hey, I’m still a kid at heart. I love the character of Nikki. I can totally relate to her. I was one of the dorks way back in grade school and highschool. And well, until now, I’m still a dork. Like her, I was bullied by the popular girls at school.

being bullied by the popular girls. :(

being bullied by the popular girls. 😦

I have my own diary too. I remember, I also have a crush on one of my classmates, G. We used to hang-out and went to library after class. I just miss him. Hahaha.

Aside from the Dork Diaries, I finished reading Cloaked, Bewitching and Towering by Alex Flinn. And now, I’m halfway reading The Siren by Keira Cass. I told you I’m now a book addict/compulsive reader. Hahaha.



the siren

Aside from reading, I’m becoming obsess with make – ups. Not that I’m buying it. Well, actually, I’m planning to have my own online shop and i want to sell make ups. Hahaha. But I know, I’m not good when it comes to business. But still I want to try. Hahaha. what do you think??

make up

Actually, the make up obsession started when I saw one of my schoolmates’ online shop. Well, she’s been in bizzzzness for almost 3 years and now, her customers are celebrities. I envy her. Hahaha. So started searching for wholesalers of make ups. Hahaha.But anyway, I still have to find another job because, our project will end this August 31.

That’s it for today, and I’m sorry for being so random today. Hahaha. 😀

Have a great day everyone.

No Make-Up Look

25 Nov

Fresh and simple. 🙂 Beauty can’t be seen with make-ups on. It should be natural and comes from within. 🙂

Just A Dream

19 Dec

I thought none of my friends read my private blog. Then I found out lfrom a friend that this guy is worried about me because of what he read here. I’m shocked. I’m overwhelmed. I wanna cry’cause at least someone’s worried about me.

Right now, I’m at the beach. Writing my thoughts. With stiches and bruises. I’m hurting myself. Because I want them to see me. In Tagalog “nagpapapansin”. I’m so sad right now. I’m lonely. I want to go the sea and let myself flow to the deep water until I drown. I’m not happy with my life. I envy those people who have a perfect life. A perfect family. Me? My mom’s not answering our calls. My papa doesn’t care. My uncle slapped in my face and cursed that he will kill me. My lesbian cousin told that I should be killed in another place. And now my other cousin told me that she’s not accepting me in house because I told everone that she’s having affair with her daughter’s teacher. I don’t know where to go now. I only have 220 pesos on my pocket. I am homeless. I’m thinking of killing myself. I hate it, everytime I tried to commit suicide, I ended alive. Maybe God wants to punish me more. -‘m enough of this. I wish tomorrow when I woke, I have a beautiful house with lotsa money. With true friends. No ones gonna hurt. I have everything I’ve wanted. I have a perfect family.

1000 Things I Need To Do Before 2016 (Part 1)

12 Dec

First 100 of my bucket list 🙂

1. Fall in love
2. Have a boyfriend. Hahaha
3. Have a job
4. See Mark Salling
5. Meet and have an autograph of Cecelia Ahern
6. Watch Coldplay’s concert
7. Watch Snow Patrol’s concert
8. Watch Maroon 5’s concert
9. Eat exotic food
10. Travel to a new destination alone
11. Buy La Sardina Camera – Metal Edition
12. Collect all Diana F+ Lens
13. Own 1000 books
14. Lose weight
15. Be physically fit
16. Own at least 10 pairs of killer heels; and
17. At 5 pairs of boots
18. Read at list 20 classic novels; and
19. 20 Mangas
20. Plant a tree
21. Have a greenhouse
22. Buy a new keyboard instrument
23. Cook food for my friends
24. Have a house party and invite my friends
25. Go skinny-dipping
26. Draw my own portrait
27. Write message in a bottle
28. Write letters to my future kids
29. Write sorry and thank you letter to my parents
30. Join a contest; and
31. Win it
32. Learn how to drive
33. Own a bicycle
34. Hold hands with the one I love while walking at the beach
35. Have a total make-over
36. Go to Glendale, California and visit my friend, Nicole
37. Meet my online friends here in WordPress
38. Run a marathon for a cause
39. Donate a blood
40. Visit an orphanage; and
41. Home for the aged
42. Help in times of calamity
43. Be a good friend
44. Own a LV bag
45. Learn how to play guitar; and
46. Drums
47. Speak different language
48. Buy a new laptop using my own money
49. Read a novel for only one day
50. Ride a roller coaster
51. Be happy. 🙂
52. Treat someone special
53. Get rid of my mental illness
54. Take the board exam
55. Try parasailing/windsurfing; and
56. Wakeboarding
57. Blog everyday for 2 weeks
58. Spend 24 hours with one of bestfriend
59. Laugh as if there’s no tomorrow
60. Give food to the beggars
61. Go to Manila Ocean Park
62. Give my mom a present
63. Party all night!!!
64. Design my own house
65. Let someone dear to me read my private blog
66. Give my favorite item to someone special
67. Make a delicious dessert
68. Ride a horse
69. Try to live in a farm (without TV, phone, internet)
70. Sleep for 15 hours straight
71. Visit 100 church
72. Listen to my family
73. Have my first real kiss (with someone I love)
74. Sing in front of my friends
75. Try not to smoke for one year
76. Hug someone special to me
77. Ask someone to go one a date
78. Fly a kite
79. Be someone’s mentor
80. Finish reading the Harry Potter’s series
81. Learn how to speak French
82. Visit Palawan
83. Attend a friend’s wedding
84. Throw a surprise birthday party for a friend.
85. Compose a song
86. Visit Barnes N Noble and buy books there
87. Mountain climb
88. Own s Powerbooks Membership card; and
89. Fullybooked Membership Card; and
90. Laking NBS Card
91. Own a house
92. Own a car
93. Sleep under the stars
94. Learn to say NO when I really mean it
95. Meet my 3 siblings
96. Hug my father
97. Sponsor a kid in World Vision
98. Adopt a dog
99. Be a vegetarian for one month
100. Invent a new dish

Christmas, Huh?

1 Dec

I’m not really a fan of Christmas. This isn’t my favorite holiday. And for me, this is the saddest part of the year. I hate Christmas!

Every year, I have to celebrate Christmas with someone else’s family. My aunt, my uncle, my cousins, my mom’s cousin. I believe that you should be with your family every Christmas. It’s the best time of the year, they say. But me, the only time that I’ve celebrated Christmas with my family, actually with my mom only, was last 2009 and that’s because my grandma that year. So it’s not that fun after all because we have lost a family member. I’ve never received Christmas gifts from my godmothers, cousins, friends, etc. Okay, I’m being exaggerated. Maybe they give me gifts way back then but as long as I could remember, no one really bothers to give presents except when we have Christmas parties. We have monitos and monitas, and some of my friends will give all of us a gift. Actually, I’m one of those people who love to give gifts.

The only thing I loved about Christmas is the lights. Yes, I love Christmas lights. I love the colors, the brightness. It gives me joy. Sometimes, I get teary-eyed when I see a place full of Christmas lights. Yes, it’s true.
So yesterday, I went outside to buy some stuffs and saw a lot of Christmas decors. So when I got home, I immediately put Christmas decorations in our house. Just to add some fun, not because I love Christmas. The picture above this post was the finished product. I told you, I love lights!
So now, I’m thinking of celebrating Christmas alone. I can’t stand celebrating Christmas with my cousins. I can’t stand seeing them happy with their family. It makes me jealous. So, I’m planning to have trip. I want to travel. Just me and my dog or a stranger. I rather be alone than with them.

So if you have travel plans this Christmas and you also feel that you’re alone, just feel free to comment here or email me and let’s celebrate Christmas together!

The Joy He Brings

30 Nov

My life is like a wheel. Rollin’ and rollin’. So many ups and downs. There also comes a time when I already give up. Almost everyone in my family hate me now. My friends are livin’ in the city while I’m stuck here in the province. Jobless. Lonely. Loner. No job. No family. No friends. Sad isn’t it? But there’s one little creature who never leave me. He’s been beside me for the last 6 months. And he’s the best thing that happened to me. I don not regret buying him. He’s the only who can make me smile when I’m crying. He listens to me when no one understands me. He knows when I’m sad. He’ll look me in the eyes as if he’s telling me, “Anne, don’t be sad, I’ll never leave you no matter what happens. Arf. Arf.” He’s the best-est friend I’ve ever had. I can confide on him.

His name is Keanu. A dog. A shih tzu. The one who brings joy to my life.

No Drafts Found

29 Nov

Hurray to Blackberry for having WordPress application. Thanks to you, I can check my blog anytime I want. And thanks to you too because the blog about my crush that I am about to post is gone. Yes, it’s gone! *sob* :'(.

I was thinking of my crush this morning that’s why I decided to write about him. I wasn’t finished writing so I just saved it as draft. And when I checked my phone drafts to continue writing, it’s GONE! I tried to reboot it but still no sign that I’m going to retrieve it.

Now, I’m pissed off and I am too lazy to write about him again. Maybe, I’ll just write about him tomorrow or the next day. That’s all for now. Bye.

Just a Quick Post

1 Nov

Hello there. I’m back from my almost one week vacation. I have a lot stories to tell and pictures to post.

Last week was really fun. I’ve made new friends, tried things for the first time, etc. But anyway, I’ll post it later this evening. I’m going to meet my highschool bestfriend this afternoon. I’m at my house. Yes, FINALLY. I miss my room!

Okay, I have to go. Have a good day everyone. 🙂

I have a new crush. I feel like highschool again. 🙂