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Books Are On Their Way To My Place

30 Dec

With the help of Kuya Tom Baker, my wish of having lots of books are made possible. Of course with the help of his friend Carl Dorsey. Books are on their way to our place and it’s going to be the best gift I’ll be going to receive this coming year. Thank you Kuya Tom, Carl and the rest of the people who donate books and money just to make me happy. I don’t know how to repay your good deeds. I am overwhelmed because I met someone like you. We are all strangers at one point but now, you welcome me as part of your lives. And for me, you are all my family. My WordPress family. Thank you.

You can read Kuya Tom’s blog about the list of books and the compilation of songs (made possible by Carl). Just click the link International Priority Mail To The Philippines

Again, thank you and God bless you more.

Thank You Kuya Tom

29 Dec

I woke up this morning with an email from a friend named Tom Baker. I met him here in WordPress just a few days ago. We’ve been sending emails to each other ever since then. I call him Kuya Tom while he calls me Bunso Anne. Kuya means older brother in Tagalog while Bunso is youngest sister/brother. Since I am an only child, I feel like he is my older brother. He’s been helping me to cope up with my emotional problems and he makes sure than I am always fine. He’s been asking me not to tell anyone my address. I’m asking for book donations before I leave because of that I have to tell my address to everyone who wants to send books to me. He told me that not all people are trustworthy. And I agree with him. So to make it easier for me, he write a blog post about me and asks for some books. Instead of sending directly to me, you have to send it to him and then his friend Carl, will send it to my address. You can read his blog post for the details on how you can help me Good News Concerning Our Friend Anne .

To Kuya Tom, again thank you for all your help and concern. And I will never forget the things you’ve done for me for the rest of my life.

Much love,
Bunso Anne

1st Year Anniversary

28 Dec

Today marks the 1st Year Anniversary of my WordPress Blog, Annerifficweak. It has evolved from being just another wordpress blog to a personal blog. It has changed its blog name too, from “Strongest Among The Weakest” to “I Am Ms. Brightside”. How ironic because I am not strong and I can’t even look at the bright side of life this past few months. But I’ll try to be one. Promise.

Let me say THANK YOU to all of my blog readers. To my 25 followers, thank you for continuously supporting my blog. And to those who’ve been with me through the roughest and hardest days of my life, thank you for all the love, care and support you have given me. To all of my stalkers, haha, just kidding, thank you also for always visiting and checking up on how’s my life doing by reading my blog post. This blog has helped me a lot. I can write all of my feelings here without judgment from others. I can share my life’s ups and downs without people telling me, “I don’t care.” I’ve met different people from different sides of the world whom I considered as the best people in my life. Thank you. Thank you.

So, let us all greet I Am Ms. Brightside (formerly known as “The Strongest Among Weakest”) a HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY.

***I hope you’ll continue to support my blog site and I hope to get more followers and readers too.