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Day 2 at Nueva Ecija (Central Luzon State University)

3 Dec

Good evening fellow bloggers! 🙂 Another tiring day had passed. Today, we went to Central Luzon State University. a hundred-plus hectare open university in Science City of Munoz.

So our first activity was to share God’s words to freshmen and sophomore students. It was a fun experience and I got the chance to share my stories with them.

After that we ate ICE SCRAMBLE


Our last activity??? Stroll the university. Enjoy looking at my shots. Nature-lovers will surely love this place. 🙂

Nueva Ecija Tomorrow!

1 Dec

So who’s excited for tomorrow’s trip? Just raise your hand!!!

I’m really excited for my travel tomorrow. I’m going to Nueva Ecija also known as The Rice Bowl of the Philippines. So it’s going to be my first time there. My former room mates live there and I am going to visit them. Actually me and my dog, Keanu, are going to visit them. I can’t wait to explore their province and see its tourist spots. And I hope I’ll catch the sunrise. And the sunset, too. So, my dream of traveling the different provinces of the Philippines is coming true. Actually, Nueva Ecija is not included in my list but when I googled about it, Men, that place should be considered as one of the beautiful places in the Philippines. 🙂

Now, I’m going to pack my bags ’cause tomorrow will be a loooooooong trip!

***Promise, I’ll post a lot of pictures. 🙂

The Province of Bataan

30 Nov

Hello from the City of Balanga, Bataan, Philippines! As usual, today, just like the other day, was B-O-R-I-N-G. I had nothing to do. I just watched television and decorated our house with Christmas ornaments (I’ll have a separate nlog about that). I’d been thinking where else to go so I googled Bataan. I just found out that there were so many beautiful places here. So I was like, “okay, I lived for more than twenty years here and yet I don’t know these places. I should go there. STAT.” STAT is a medical acronym for “now”. I made a new list of places here that I’m going to visit this month or next month or next next month. Whatever! My point is, I’ll visit it no matter what and whenever I want.

•First Abucay Catholic Church (The 411-year old Church)
•Mount Samat – Shrine of Valor (Pilar, Bataan) — yes, I’ll visit it again.
•Zero Kilometre Death March Marker (Mariveles)
•Dunsulan Falls
•Pasukulan Falls (Abucay, Bataan)
•Sibul Spring (Abucay, Bataan)
•Balong Anito (Mariveles, Bataan)
•San Miguel Mountain Peak (Mariveles, Bataan)
•Mariveles Volcano
•Tarak Ridge (Mariveles, Bataan)
•Camaya Coast (Mariveles, Bataan)
•Montemar (Bagac, Bataan) – Montemar Beach
•Villa Imperial Resort (Mariveles, Bataan)
•Baptist Camp Resort (Limay, Bataan)
•Anvaya Cove (Morong, Bataan)
•Morong Hanging Bridge
•Mt. Natib
•Bakas Higante (Morong, Bataan) — I’ve been here so many times but this place is so beautiful. The beach, the rock formations. The place is so peaceful! 🙂

Those are just some of the beautiful places here. So if you’re planning to visit Bataan, just comment here or e-mail and let’s explore our province together. 🙂

Pinay Byahero

22 Nov

I’ve always wanted to go to different places here in the Philippines. I want to explore its nature and see its beauty. But because of my busy schedule (when I was still in college), I didn’t get the chance to visit those beautiful places. So now, I’ve decided to make a list of the places here in the Philippines that I am dying to visit.

*Note: I’ve already gone to some of the places in my list. 🙂

•Batanes Islands
•Ilocos Norte(Pagudpud, Vigan)
•Ilocos Sur
•Pangasinan(Manaoag Church, Hundred Islands)
•Sagada(Banaue Rice Terraces)
•Bataan(Dambana ng Kagitingan)
•Laguna(Pagsanjan Falls)
•Puerto Galera
•Quezon Province
•Bicol(Mt. Mayon)
•Camarines Sur
•Cagayan de Oro
•Palawan(Puerto Princesa Underground River)

As of now, those places top my list. But if you happen to know places here in the Philippines worth visiting, just tell me. 🙂