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I Want A Tattoo

5 Dec

I’ve been posting a lot about my wants this past few weeks. I want to travel. I want to study abroad. And now, I want a tattoo. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for quite awhile now. And recently, my friend got her first tattoo and I was like, “I need to have one too!”. For me, tattoo is an art. And I love arts! I once read an article about tattoo. And writer said something like, “We die and yet we cannot bring our possessions with us. Tattoo is the only thing we can bring even to our own death.” I can’t remember the exact words but the thought is like that. I agree with him. So now, I’m planning to have a tattoo on my right and left limb. It is just my name actually. I still want it to be hidden because some think that people with tattoos are addict. And also, one reason I want it to be hidden is because my family will kill me if they find out I have one.

Well, what do you think guys? I need your opinion. 🙂 And for Filipino bloggers out there who have tattoos, do you have any suggestions where can I get a one?

Thanks in advance. 🙂