Another Friend Left

25 Nov

Belated happy thanksgiving to everyone! 🙂 I envy those who are in US now ’cause they have this kind of holiday. Anyway, how’s everyone? How do you spend your holiday? Ooooh wait! My blog is about my friend leaving. So why am I asking about thanksgiving? Well, maybe I’m a little bit upset that’s why I’m trying to change the subject.

So here’s the story. Last night, I was watching Survivor Philippines Double Celebrity Showdown. In between commercial breaks, I checked my facebook and twitter for any updates. I was reading some of my friends’ statuses when one status really caught my attention. It said, “Here in Taipei. I’ll wait for 3 hours more for my next flight. Argggg.” So I was like, “HeyN she’s in Taipei? Where is she going?” So I immediately browsed her facebook wall and then I was really shocked. She’s going to New Zealand. And she’s going to stay there for good. She didn’t told me about this. Come to think it, we’re not just friends, we’re BFFs. We used to have sleepovers. We went to mall all the time. We shared secrets. I even celebrated my 17th birthday with her family. And now, she’s going to New Zealand without me knowing. I was angry. I was hurt. I cried last night. Although we hadn’t seen each other for months, I still had the right know that she’s leaving. This’s the second time someone left me and went to another country. I felt like someone just stabbed me.

I don’t understand her why she’s not telling about this. I really don’t understand why they have to leave me. I’m really upset right now. I feel so alone. 😦


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